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These links accompany a Nov. 21, 2009 presentation by Bill Densmore of the Reynolds Journalism Institute, Prof. Norman Sims of the Media Giraffe Project and Martin Langeveld, of CircLabs Inc. to participants in a regional conference on southeastern Europe media hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia on Nov. 19-21, 2009.

*FTC TESTIMONY / Dec. 2, 2009

For-profit hyperlocal

Nonprofit hyperlocal

Watchdog journalism -- non-profit

Watchdog journalism -- for-profit

Recent studies/research

Case study of new news ecosystem: Williamstown, Mass. (USA, population 8,000)

Addressing the "demand" problem -- news literacy

MIT news literacy conference home page The Stony Brook news-literacy curriculum

VIDEO: Online entrepreneurs talk about "the passion of place"

Research projects

The demand side -- this generation cares