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Taliesin "Tally" Gilkes-Bower, is project manager of the Rhode Island Digital City initiative.

Bower formerly worked for Echoing Green, in New York, where he served as coordinatro of communications and strategy for the operating non profit, growing an online education program for socially minded "Millenials." He has also managed a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based medial collective and managed a program of international artists residencies. He's managed a record label and a Jamaica-based artists agency. A 2010 graduate of Bard College, he majored in urban studies with a focus on network culture. He was a Thomas J. Watson Fellow in 2010-2011.

Rhode Island Digital City is the result of over 60 media makers envisioning Rhode Island as the East Coast hub for digital media design and production. Digital City aims to create a critical mass of Rhode Island-based companies and digital media literate workers to enable the state to be internationally recognized for digital media design and production. A $50,000 Rhode Island Foundation planning grant funds research on three initiatives: Creating a network/policy group of organizations, institutions and individuals; conduct a needs assessment for space/facilities/infrastructure; and developing online education programs in digital media literacy.