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Brett Pierce
Executive Director, Meridian Stories
CONTACT: brett@meridianstories.com

My name is Brett Pierce and I the executive director of a new digital media initiative for middle and high schools called Meridian Stories.

Meridian Stories annually offers twenty digital storytelling competitions in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and History for teams of students in middle and high schools. From an Edgar Allan Poe horror scene to a game show about exponential growth; a rap about former British Empire countries to a mystery scene that is solved by genetics, Meridian Stories’ mission is to provide students with an immersive curricular experience that explicitly prepares them for the workplace by challenging them to collaborate; compete; improve their media literacy skills; think creatively; problem solve; and lead.

The competitions, called Challenges, are fully developed curricular units with Essential Questions, Student Outcomes, Curricular Correlations to the Common Core and the NGSS, Production Processes and Evaluation Rubrics. Meridian Stories is the only year-long school program that integrates the core curriculum - content teachers have to teach - with skill sets that reside on the frontier of the digital age.

Here are a few facts about Meridian Stories:

  • The initiative is entering its third year in middle and high schools and is hoping to expand its school base.
  • Last year, it served over 500 students from 25 middle and high schools in Maine. (I am based out of Freeport, ME)
  • It is, as of May, 2013, a 501 (c)(3) and has an economic model that is fee-based on a per school/per year basis.

  • LINK 1 - This takes you to the homepage. Please take a few minutes to view 'In Our Hearts'. This is a piece that was produced by a team of Middle Schoolers from the Bangor area, in response to a Challenge to create a Memorial Day Biography about someone in their community who has served in the US Armed Forces in the Vietnam War or before.


  • LINK 2 - This link provides you with summaries of the five Language Arts Challenges that are being offered this year.


  • LINK 3 - This link provides you with a summary of how each student team submission is evaluated.