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Mike Tringe - Co-founder
CreatorUp | Learn Video Content | @creatorup
E: mike@creatorup.com C: 310-570-6104

Can An Online School Teach You Web TV Production for Under $100?

Mike Tringe (co-founder) earned his BA in History and Science from Harvard, and MFA in Film Production from USC. He’s worked as an English and Film teacher at the American School of Tangier, and has also assistant taught film production at USC. Following graduate school, he worked in Film Finance and Sales at CAA, Creative Development at Vuguru (Michael Eisner’s multi-platform studio), and Content Partnerships at Blip Networks.

At CreatorUp, video creators can learn how to make new projects for the web through project based video tutorials, such as how to develop, produce, promote, or distribute your web series — or also through live online workshops through video conferences with top web creators as their teachers. CreatorUp is an e-learning platform where anyone can learn to make and share their own video content. We have helped to teach librarians and teachers how to make and integrate video as a learning resource into the classroom, as well as to teach students on how to tell their own stories through video. We are currently piloting courses with media teachers and programs at secondary schools like High Tech High and Lincoln Public High School, as well as universities like USC, Northwestern, BU, and Cornell. Our most recent professional development webinar for learning specialists, teachers, and librarians was on integrating "video textbooks" into the classroom - presented by EasyBib/ResearchReady. And we also recently piloted a course for 6th graders at High Tech High on How to Make a PSA Video.


What is CreatorUp all about?

TRINGE: "We are an online web series school. We teach people how to make web series and video for the web, and specifically for sites like YouTube, and independent networks like Blip and Dailymotion. We teach through video tutorials, with courses around specific sites, like how to make content for FunnyorDie, taught by one of the staff writers from FunnyOrDie. We also talk about creating things specifically for the web, how to distribute on the web, and how to build a revenue stream aside from advertising revenue. We also have live lab sessions, which we run through Google+ Hangouts, which mirror the film school education experience."