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Introducing SA$

We are a new generation Digital Journalism Project. Our goal is to use the latest on-line tools and distribution social media networks to keep the people of San Antonio, informed, but most importantly involved during the upcoming 2009 Mayoral race File:Http:// Today more than ever before, the power of on-line media and the ability to go beyond traditional news outlets’ coverage is of great importance.

While we are seasoned, experienced journalists, this too, is a learning process and a project of the heart. And we thank you, our correspondents, our citizen journalists contributors and sponsors for coming along for the ride… now, and until Elections Day May 2009. This is a volunteer effort but hopes for sponsorship or grant support. The experience, tools and developed technology will be use in future Journalism related projects.

The SAiMediaCRew

Patricio Espinoza, Founder about
Kaye Cruz, Principal
Ed Lozano, Principal
Jerry Gonzalez, Principal

Patricio is an active contributor to NPR Spanish Radio Bilingue as well as major TV networks. Patricio focuses on Latino and minority issues. He is Poynter Fellow, a 2009 McCormick Fellow. And a member of NAHJ board of directors, Spanish Language Officer at Large. Limited resources however would not allow attendance, and your consideration for a full scholarship is most kindly appreciated. . . . .