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Media Literacy, Teaching and Learning And 21st Century Skills:


In the last year a new term has been added to the lingo of media literacy education -- "news literacy." What is news literacy and how does it related to now well-established world of media literacy. In a breathtakingly fast 90-minute overview, six practioners will describe what they are doing and what's going on.



  • Lynn Washington runs the Convergent Media Magnet Program at Richland Northeast High School in Columbia, S.C. The program combines newspaper, broadcast, yearbook and graphic design. [1]
  • Alan Miller is founder and director of The News Literacy Project in Bethesda, Md. [2] / (301) 651-7499.
  • Dare Brawley is a high-school senior at the Poughkeepsie Day School i Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and editor of the school's feminist magazine called "Scarlet" created and read in grades 7-12. [3] / cell: (914) 475-7240
  • Michael McSweeney is English department chair at Reading (Mass.) Memorial High School, where a new initiative asks all juniors to complete a podcast telling a community slice-of-life human-interest story. [4] / work: 781-944-8200 ext. 337.
  • Melissa Wantz teaches at Foothill Technology High School in Ventura, Calif., where journalism -- all online -- is being re-introduced after a five-year hiatus. Wantz used Joomla! to develop a new online news site incorporating social-networking tools, video, polls, comments, contests and including Ning, Google wikis and Google docs for student peer editing. She is a graduate of the Reynolds High School Journalism Institute. [5] / work: 805-289-0023 ext. 2602.
  • Diana Mitsu Klos runs the the American Society of News Editor's high-school journalism program and support services, including the largest online hosting service for multimedia-student generate news. [6] / 703-453-1125
  • Sarah Platanitis teaches journalism and English in Holyoke, Mass. Using Flip digital camera, her students will prepare a short video for Oct. 24. She is a graduate of the Reynolds High School Journalism Institute. [7] / (413) 530-7006.
  • Aaron Manfull teaches at Francis Howell North High School in St. Charles, Ill., and is digital-committee chair of the Journalism Education Association. He is also the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund distinguished advisor for 2009. [8] /
  • Alan Weintraut teaches at Annandale High School in Fairfax County, Va., and was the Dow Jones High School Journalism Teacher of the Year two years ago. [9] / (703) 642-4229.
  • Dean Miller is director of The Center for News Literacy in the Journalism School at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, N.Y., and a former daily newspaper editor from Idaho and the Northern Rockies. A former Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, he advised students journalists while studying management and comparative religion. [10] / (631) 632-1893.
  • Diana Laufenberg, teaches at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, and will talk about her election-day project in which students recorded their impressions and involvement in the 2008 presidential election. Laufenberg was a participant in the Journalism That Matters conference, "Rebooting the News," in October, 2008 at Temple University, and a signator of the "Consensus Statement on the Importance of News Literacy." [11] / (928) 607-8142.