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JTM/Silicon Valley: Innovation, democracy and a new ecology of news

Registration opens Jan. 15 / Please return

If you would like us to contact you when registration opens, email jtm@mediagiraffe.org.


"Journalism That Matters: The Silicon Valley Sessions" aims to be as much a process as a event. A group of up to 200 participants will gather April 30-May 3, 2008, at the Yahoo! Inc. conference center in Sunnyvale, Calif.

But we want to start organizing discussions and projects well before that . . . and continue to work collaboratively thereafter. Through participation in a Journalism That Matters event, you become part of a growing network of professionals and engaged citizens committed to sustaining tech-enabled journalism that fosters participatory democracy and community.


To begin now to engage with other NewsTools2008 participants, take these two steps:

  • 1. ENROLL -- Right now, you can add your name to the list of participants taking part in the first facet of NewsTools2008.org -- pre-event networking and project planning. Simply click to the ATTENDEE PAGE and use the wiki to add your name, affiliation, and location (and embed links if you wish). If you want to be on our email list, also send an email to jtm@mediagiraffe.org. Regardless of whether you will be joining us at the April 30-May 3 event, by enrolling, you'll begin to receive program updates and opportunities to be part of some of the projects and learning we plan.

  • 2. REGISTER/APPLY -- After Jan. 15, we'll open up a page for early-bird registration to attend JTM-SV in Sunnyvale on April 30-May 3. We want attendees from diverse perspectives, fields and backgrounds . . . committed to action and exchange . . . and likely to contribute innovative tools or ideas. Because we can't accommodate more than 200 people, we're treating conference registration as an application process, with a refundable $50 signup fee if your application cannot be accommodated. We want to make we don't have too many journalists, or too many technologists or too few other folks. The secret is in the mix, to some degree.


So the earlier you register the more certain you are of not having your registration fee (minus $50) returned for lack of space. In addition, the early-bird registration fee of $295 is a one-third discount! You'll be able to reach the online registratin page from THIS VERY PAGE, so you can bookmark it now and return after Jan. 15. The short registration process will ask that you answer three questions (they're listed below, so you can be thinking about your answers). There will be an option to apply for a stipend if you or your non-profit organization cannot afford the early-bird registration fee.


The early-bird registration discount ends March 1 and the rate goes up to $395 for all days/events at NewsTools2008.org, including meals Wednesday and Thursday dinner, Thurs.-Sat. lunches, and Thurs.-Sat. continental breakfast. Friday dinner you're on your own to network (or work) after an hors d'oeuvres reception. There are three classes of registration:

  • General registration -- $395 / all days/events
  • Wed/Thurs. only -- $250 includes meals
  • Thurs/Fri only -- $325 includes meals
  • Fri/Sat. only -- $190 no Friday dinner


To put yourself on a waiting list for a seat at NewsTools2008 pending opening of general registration, simply send an email to jtm@mediagiraffe.org with the words: WAITING LIST in the subject line. This will ensure that you are among the first people to learn of the opening of general registration. We'll email you, or call you if you gave us your phone number. You'll miss out on a $100 registration discount, but save the $50 deposit if you you aren't sure yet you're coming. And we'll still put you on our mailing list to receive pre-event updates and information.


Journalism That Matters, The Media Giraffe Project, our supports and sponsors are committed to diverse attendance which includes the voices of youth, people of color and underrepresented communities. Individuals may apply for a diversity stipend to attend by choosing the "Requesting registration stipend" option when registration opens after Jan. 15. Stipend applicants should select the "Pay Later/Stipend" option when registering. Depending upon our resources, and space, you will notified by April 1 if you have received a stipend award, and the amount. If you would like to be put on a list for possible stipends right now, send email to jtm@mediagiraffe.org with the subject line: "STIPEND REQUEST."


We are negotiating a block of rooms in a hotel near Yahoo-Sunnyvale. We'll post information about this and other lodging options as a link from this page and at: http://www.mediagiraffe.org/wiki/index.php/Jtm-sv-lodging


Now for the three questions you've been waiting for! When you register starting next week, please be prepared to answer thoughtfully:

  • In less than 150 words, please describe your work and background in a format which we can use on the public NewsTools2008.org website. We'll use this information to help introduce participants with similar interests/objectives for pre-event strategic planning.
  • Please describe a particular technology, project, service or idea you'd like to learn about, or which you'd like to present to fellow participants. Please be specific with your suggestions and format. We will use this information to calibrate our program planning and may contact you.
  • What's the critical conversation you want to have with others at Newstools2008.org? What do you hope to learn, take away or see accomplished regarding the transformation of journalism?