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Here is a list of co-convenors helping to plan and attend"Journalism That Matters: Technology and the New Ecology of News," called for April 30-May 3, 2008 at the Yahoo! Inc. conference center, Sunnyvale, Calif.... If you would like to be included on this list, simply EDIT THIS PAGE, adding your name at the bottom under NEW ADDITIONS. If you're joining us at Yahoo, we encourage you to create a quick profile at the NEWSTOOLS NING SITE.



  1. Andrade, Kara, Maynard Institute, Oakland, Calif.
  2. Ansarifar, Vafa -- free-lance writer, Metro West Daily News (Framingham, Mass.); online software developer
  3. Barr, Christopher, senior editorial director, Yahoo! Inc. / former editor-in-chief cNET Networks Inc.]
  4. Barron, Jess, Yahoo! Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif.
  5. Bettinger, James R., / Director, John S. Knight Fellowships /Stanford University / Stanford, Calif.
  6. Boyer, John, ilmworks inc., 1101 30th St NW Suite 500 / Washington, DC 20007
  7. Briggs, John M.L., assistant managing editor for news, Yahoo! Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif.
  8. Bueno, Carlos -- programmer, Yahoo Emerging Markets, Yahoo! Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif.
  9. Castro, Miguel, Coordinator, Open Society Institute - Media Program, London
  10. Chang, Suzi / photographer and filmmaker / originator, “Tsumani Love Soup Project” / San Francisco / working on youth news engagement
  11. Cohn, David / San Francisco CA 94103 / http://www.digidave.org / 310-365-3600 / newassignment.net editor / NewsTrust.Net
  12. Demushkane, Alex, citizen publisher, Walkabout map & Guide, Marina, Calif. / local media entrepreneur
  13. Densmore, Bill / Director / Media Giraffe Project and co-convener Journalism That Matters / Journalism Program / Univ. of Mass. / Amherst Mass.
  14. Derickson, Rosella, co-director, South Bay Organizational Development Network / principal, Corporate Wisdom, executive-development and management training / www.corporate-wisdom.com
  15. Doctor, Ken, President / Content Bridges /former vp/strategy, vp/editorial and vp/content services at Knight Ridder Corp.
  16. Florin, Fabrice / Executive Director / Newstrust / Mill Valley, Calif. / used to be in key roles at Apple and Macromedia
  17. Freedberg, Louis / Director / California Media Project / Berkeley, Calif. / former editorial writer, and Washington correspondent, S.F. Chronicle
  18. Fulton, Mary Lou, vp-audience development, Bakersfield Californian
  19. Fulton, Nic / Chief Scientist / Reuters Media / New York, NY, USA / building new capabilities for journalists, methods of news distribution and new user-experiences
  20. Funabiki, Jon / Professor / Journalism Dept. / San Francisco State Univ. / former newspaper journalist and Ford Foundation program officer /
  21. Gelman, Lauren / Executive Director / Center for Internet and Society / Stanford Law School / Stanford Univ., Palo Alto, Calif. / former public-policy director, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  22. Gilligan, Sean / videoblogging software entrepreneur
  23. Gillan, Paul / author, "The New Influencers," / former editor, ComputerWorld magazine / Framingham, Mass.
  24. Gillmor, Dan / professor, Arizona State Univ., fellow Berkman Center / ex-SJM columnist
  25. Gross, Robin, attorney, founder IPJustice.org / former IP attorney with Electronic Frontier Foundation, member ICANN’s GNSO policy council for non-commercial users / San Francisco.
  26. Gupta, Vineet, technical evangelist, Daylife Inc., New York, N.Y.
  27. Hasan, Sarah, Ilmworks, Inc. / Washington, DC 20007 / www.ilmworks.org
  28. Henley, Krista, counseling psychologist / co-director, South Bay Organizational Development Network / principal, Corporate Wisdom / team development and core competency training / www.corporate-wisdom.com
  29. Holman, Peggy / principal / The Open Circle Company / Bellevue, Wash. / author / change facilitator / Journalism That Matters co-convenor.
  30. Hauser, Jan / social-media technology consultant / principal, Integrated Innovation / Los Gatos, CA 95033 / former principal architect, Sun Microsystems Inc.
  31. Johnson, J. Tom / co-founder / Institute for Analytic Journalism / Santa Fe, N.M. USA
  32. Jordan, Jordan http://www.kenjordan.tv/
  33. Jue, Linda / Director / New Voices in Independent Journalism / Northern California Society of Professional Journalists / San Francisco
  34. Karl, Brandy, residential fellow, Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law School / Stanford Calif.
  35. Karp, Scott -- CEO/founder, Publish2, Leesburg, Va., 571-481-6440
  36. Krasilovsky, Peter -- program director, Kelsey Group / publisher, The Local Onliner / Carlsbad, Calif.
  37. Levander, Michelle, director, California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships, USC-Annenberg School, Los Angeles
  38. Lopez, Ytaelena, freelance journalist/bilingual web editor, San Francisco
  39. Madhany, al-Husein / Executive Director & Editor / ISLAMICA Magazine / Washington, DC
  40. Mathison, David, Be The Media / former CEO Kinecta / Tiburon, Calif.
  41. Moy, Kim, Yahoo! Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif.
  42. Murphy, Tom -- CEO-founder, RedwoodAge.com, Larkspur, Calif.
  43. Mutter, Alan D. / 225 Scott St., San Francisco / tech entrepreneur and former main-stream media editor and tech entrepreneur / blogs at http://newsosaur.blogspot.com
  44. Newmark, Craig / founder / Craig’s List / San Francisco
  45. Niles, Robert / editor, Online Journalism Review, USC Annenberg School, Los Angeles
  46. O’Brien, Chris / San Jose Mercury News / Duke Univ. Next Newsroom Project / San Jose, Calif.
  47. Parr, Barry / owner/editor Coastsider / Montara, Calif. / former San Jose Merc executive, IT consultant, owner/publisher of local online news site for coast.
  48. Peck, Chris, editor, The [Memphis] Commercial Appeal, former president, American Society of Newspaper Editors and AP Managing Editors; co-convener, Journalism That Matters / Memphis, Tenn.
  49. Perlstein, Jeff / founder, IndyMedia Center, Seattle / former executive director, The Media Alliance, / Oakland, Calif.
  50. Porter, Vikki, director, Knight Digital Media Center at USC, Los Angeles
  51. Posada, Mitch, founding partner, http://www.grupoentrada.com GrupoEntrada] / videoblog producer, LatinLounge.TV founder, technologist activist
  52. Ramirez, Raul -- exec. dir., news/public affairs, KQED Public Radio, San Francisco
  53. Reilly, Patrick, patent attorney and founder, the [www.ipsociety.net Intellectual Property Society] / Santa Cruz Calif.
  54. Reynolds, Martin, managing editor, The Tribune, Oakland, Calif.
  55. Shaffer, Jim, dean, Univ. of Southern Maine School of Business, Portland, Maine
  56. Silha, Stephen, Media/Journalism That Matters, director, Washington News Council, former reporter, Christian Science Monitor and Children’s Express, co-convener, Journalism that Matters / Vashon Island, Wash. www.goodnewsgooddeeds.org
  57. Skees, Sandy / principal, Communications4Good / Aptos Calif. / former partner, Porter Novelli (public relations) / participant, Freedom From Hunger initiative / corporate-social responsibility activist
  58. Skowran, Maurreen, / News Atoms blog / founder of Journawiki / copy editor at The News & Observer, in Raleigh, N.C.
  59. Stenger, Brad / director, WiredNextFest / Wired Magazine / San Francisco
  60. Stern, David, founder, MixedInk.com, Washington, D.C.
  61. Stoll, Michael / Lecturer, San Jose State Univ. / San Francisco / "Grade the News" collaborator
  62. Swan, Melanie / futurist, blogger / Palo Alto CA
  63. Talbot, David / Fenton Communications / San Francisco / former Salon.com editor /
  64. Wagner, Venise, interim chair, associate professor, journalism department, San Francisco State Univ.
  65. Wilson, Josh / founder NewsDesk.org / San Francisco
  66. Witt, Leonard, Robert D. Fowler Distinguished Chair in Communication, Kennesaw State University / PJNet.org
  67. Wood-Lewis, Michael, co-founder/owner, http://www.frontporchforum.com Front Porch Forum,] Burlington, Vt.
  68. Zaraysky, Susanna, independent journalist, multilingual activist / Cupertino, Calif.