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Rod Chatham President
The Story
734 Charles Allen Drive
Atlanta GA 30308

Atlanta based, I have worked 30 plus years in the Southeast and traveled Asia as a media consultant. As a former journalist and journalism teacher, I have been involved in many start ups for many stories. I am proud to lead a new effort in Atlanta to tell the Story in the 21st. century. I have teamed with Debbie Eason, founder of Creative Loafing and The Story, Atlanta, to build the next alternative outlet for journalism.

The Story is my project. Its home base is Story HQ in Atlanta. The Defoor Centre is Debbie Eason's media lab, created after building the Creative loafing alternative newspaper chain. She and I have been teaming wilth Atlanta communications media talent to create the 21st century creatilve loaf and have named it The Story. We vision a co-op of local alternatives teaming with the latest communications technology to quickly capture the interests in Metro Atlanta, and be replicated glocally.

I attended some of the early media giraffe meetings in Mass. The work done there has led us to the Story PPM. Now I need to network again and refine the PPM and begin the work of tramsforming alternative news.