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Melissa Cornick-Horyn, in her career as a network news television producer, has received numerous awards for her groundbreaking original reports, including the prestigious 2006 Edward R. Murrow Award and Mongerson Prize for Ethics in Investigative Reporting.

Cornick has chosen the specialty of focusing on untold stories that highlight human and civil rights conditions. Although her career spans CBS, NBC and ABC, 60 Minutes, Dateline, 20/20, Primetime and Walter Cronkite’s documentaries, Cornick has worked much like an independent producer; from generating fresh concepts, to gumshoe reporting, to shooting, to crafting and editing. She specializes in challenging topics which come not from the media, but from sources on the ground who experience important events for millions of people to consider. Cornick’s objective is to give a voice to the voiceless while highlighting the tenets of ethics of journalism.

Currently, Cornick is involved in multi-media strategies for balanced journalism across multiple new media platforms worldwide, including online and locative mediums.

Cornick achieved similar feats with original stories like “Cruelty to Owners?” which shockingly demonstrated a scheme across the country to seize animals and immediately sell them, while the owners receive no due process in court. Determined to complete the project. Her other stories, such as "Town on Trial" about people who were wrongfully accused of crimes, like many of her other projects, also garnered awards.