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Journalism That Matters

The collaborations spawned at Journalism That Matters convenings produce results. Here are some of the projects that began as JTM event discussions:

  • ’’’The Next Newsroom’’’ – Chris Peck’s initiative to redesign newsroom culture and process from the ground up, to launch in a physical location as a trial and idea incubator for the news industry.
  • ’’’Duke/Next Newsroom’’’ – Chris O’Brien takes the idea of the Next Newsroom and focuses it on a university campus to coalesce Duke University’s thinking about a new integrated media building.
  • ’’’Mid-career training’’’ – The University of California-Berkeley journalism program began mid-career training sessions.
  • ’’’In-school curriculum’’’ –- Peggy Kuhr took ideas about teaching middle-school students journalism principles and practice and began a teaching program in Kansas City schools.
  • Clyde Bentley (Univ. of Missouri)
  • Sue Ellen Christian at Western Michigan University
  • Citizen Media Workshops at the Lawrence Journal World.
  • ’’’Public Press Project’’’ – Michael Stoll is leading an effort to create a non-profit daily news paper for the San Francisco Bay area based on ideas shared and expanded at JTM gatherings.
  • ’’’Public Insight Journalism’’’ – Michael Skoler and Minnesota Public Radio.
  • Citizen journalism project—Seattle
  • Citizen Journalism project—Milwaukee

  • Citizen journalism project – Milwaukee
  • ’’’The Library Newsroom’’’ – The Oakland Tribune’s now-editor, Martin Reynolds, hatched the idea for a West Oakland citizen-journalism bureau of the paper in a public library at a JTM gathering in St. Louis.