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Principal convenor Minnesota Journalism Center Minnesota News Council
The Media Giraffe Project, The Journalism That Matters collaborative, the Minnesota Journalism Center and the Minnesota News Council, with support of the Blandin Foundation and the Park Foundation, present . . . A PASSION FOR PLACE: New Pamphleteers/New Reporters:
Convening Entrepreneurs Who Combine Journalism, Democracy, Place and Blogs
. The Journalism That Matters Minnesota gathering
June 4-6, 2008 / Minnesota Journalism Center at the Univ. of Minnesota. REGISTER NOW

Participant profiles and narratives: MilwaukeeWorld.com

To contribute to the pre-event learning for "New Pamphleteers/New Reporters," we are inviting planned participants to submit informal narratives about their websites and work. You can link to them from this page, or search on the wiki category "Jtm-mn-participants" . . . .

Michael Horne
Editor / Publisher
1 414 978-8039

Milwaukeeworld has a high penetration of decision makers reading it, many of whom followed me here from my print world. I have a very robust Google life, for reasons I can't entirely understand, and milwaukeeworld shows up in searches much higher than I would guess. I think it might be due to my insistence that I "go to the source" and link to primary documents, etc. I have played around with this from time to time, and like to see where people find my stories, and who is searching for what.

("Who owns Pabst?" is popular. Milwaukeeworld's the only place you're going to find out.) On a completely different topic, I had some fun with a murder case here where a teenager stabbed a gay man to death when the man demanded sexual favors. Then there was the republican official busted for teen gay sex. I was amused to find that milwaukeeworld ranks high for "Teen Gay Sex" (#5 of 580,000)-- and not so much amused to find how many people search for that term. Of course they must be disappointed when they get to my site.

Another experiment of mine was to hunt down an international art forging ring. That was tough because the leader's name was James Kennedy. But if you add "fake" or "art" or "fraud" I beat out even the Chicago papers and the AP and many others. Many readers wrote that I either saved them from buying this guy's fakes, or that they wish they had read my story first.

I also used the blog to help see an embezzler got sentenced to time in prison rather than probation. Yes, a conference like yours will be most instructive, and I'm sure lots of folks will have great ideas.

Dangdest thing, that internet. I look forward to participating in this groundbreaking conference. I would be happy to volunteer for any panels that might be appropriate.