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Principal convenor Minnesota Journalism Center Minnesota News Council
The Media Giraffe Project, The Journalism That Matters collaborative, the Minnesota Journalism Center and the Minnesota News Council, with support of the Blandin Foundation and the Park Foundation, present . . . A PASSION FOR PLACE: New Pamphleteers/New Reporters:
Convening Entrepreneurs Who Combine Journalism, Democracy, Place and Blogs
. The Journalism That Matters Minnesota gathering
June 4-6, 2008 / Minnesota Journalism Center at the Univ. of Minnesota. REGISTER NOW

Participant profiles and narratives: BarkingDogs.org

To contribute to the pre-event learning for "New Pamphleteers/New Reporters," we are inviting planned participants to submit informal narratives about their websites and work. You can link to them from this page, or search on the wiki category "Jtm-mn-participants" . . . .

FROM: Avi S. Adelman Editor, BarkingDogs.org, Dallas, Texas President, DailyCrimeReport.org

I am the editor of http://www.BarkingDogs.org and the new website, http://www.DailyCrimereport.com

DailyCrimeReport pushes the data from the Dallas Police Department's daily incident reports database to webpages sorted by police beats. We notify our subscribers (it's a free service - we just ask them to register for the emails) every morning by 8am that the reports are updated.

We cover Dallas and just added Washington DC this week.

We want to expand around the country - our target markets are cities of 1 to 1.5 million, with police departments that are consumer friendly (posting data, working to get the stats out, etc).

So here is what I am asking this list -

Take a look at our website, DailyCrimeReport.com, and read the explanation of how the process works here in Dallas.

Then look at your local police department website - Are they tech-savvy, do they post a page where you can look up incidents by date, beat, etc., are they a consumer-friendly?

If you answered Yes to these questions, send an email with the name of the police department and a link to their general website (plus any important pages you find)