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Barb Hipsman

Barb Hipsman
Associate Professor/News
Kent State University
119 Taylor Hall
Kent, OH
Work Tel: 330-672-1244
Home Tel: 330-678-0681
E-Mail: bhipsman@kent.edu


Barbara "Barb" Hipsman has worked for 15 years at Kent State. She started her career as a reporter with a community newspaper group in the suburbs of Chicago, leaving to join VISTA two years later as an investigator with the Alaska State Commission on Human Rights, based in Juneau.

She later worked for a locally owned and operated weekly in Guam, USA, during the years surrounding the evacuation of Vietnamese refugees to the island. She also worked in radio and TV there. Returning stateside, Barb returned to graduate school, teaching one year on an assistantship and then completing a master's in public affairs at then University of Illinois at Springfield. She was the capital bureau chief for about six years for a medium-sized daily.

Moving to Peoria, she started teaching at Bradley University, later moving to Kent. She teaches mid-level reporting (p.r., photo, broadcast and print news students), reporting public affairs (broadcast and print news), ethics and graduate level-specialized reporting.