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This wiki page is a companion to a web discussion forum at the Annenberg Public Policy Center website. If you haven't already done so, start there. The wiki is inspired by the essay: "Save American Journalism"and the report: "On Behalf of Journalism: A Manifesto for Change," of the Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands, both by Geneva Overholser.


What to do

  • General comments about the "Manifesto for Change" are best posted within the Anneberg forum.
  • On the other hand, if you have comments about a specific change proposal, you can use this wiki to, in effect, attach your observations, links or resource suggestions to that specific proposal.

How it works

To contribute to the manifesto, click on any of the bulleted items. You may edit or add to the page which opens by clicking the "edit" tab. You can then edit. When finished, click the "Save page" tab at the bottom. Appropriate additions might be pointers to experts on the topic, expanded thinking about how to achieve or modify the initiative, and links to any data, articles or other related resources.

I. Corporate realities:

Enable corporate managers to focus on longer-term goals

Bring a greater sense of responsibility to corporate governance of media companies

Enable shareholders to exert pressure for corporate responsibility

Conduct research showing links between good journalism and good business

Consider units within media companies dedicated to public-interest journalism

Establish partnership for quality journalism

Take public companies private

II. Not-for-profit media

Establish “Marshall Plan” by foundations and philanthropists

III. Journalists’ responsibilities

A. Objectivity

B. Accountability

C. Professionalization

IV. Speaking out for journalism

V. The role of government

VI. The role of the public

VII. New forms of media