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Greylock Citizen/Media Collaborative / 2014

Are you disturbed that our North Berkshire region has abruptly lost its two print news media in mid-January, The Transcript and The Advocate? If so, please come to a public forum to discuss what our Berkshire community might do about it.


Dialogue on the Information Needs of the North Berkshire Community

Milne Public Library, Williamstown
Wed., Feb. 5, 6:30 p.m.

A public, circle-round discussion, followed by light refreshments.

Who's confirmed as participating so far?

  • Osmin Alvarez, president, BoxCar Media Inc. / publisher,, North Adams, Mass.
  • Tammy Daniels, editor,, North Adams, Mass.
  • Bill Densmore, Williamstown, Mass. ( / Reynolds Journalism Institute)
  • Harry Montgomery, Williamstown, Mass.
  • Jeff Potter, Brattleboro, Vt. (The Brattleboro Commons)
  • David Scribner, Stockbridge, Mass. (The Berkshire Edge)
  • Tom Stites, Newburyport, Mass. (The Banyan Project)
  • Tela Zasloff, Williamstown, Mass.

If you plan to attend, please email or use this wiki to add your name.

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