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Greylock Citizen/Media Collaborative / 2014

Are you disturbed that our North Berkshire region has abruptly lost its two print news media in mid-January, The Transcript and The Advocate? If so, please come to a public forum to discuss what our Berkshire community might do about it.

WEATHER STATEMENT: This event is being held tonight as schedule at 6:30 p.m. at the WILLIAMS INN.


Dialogue on the Information Needs of the North Berkshire Community

The Williams Inn, Williamstown
Wed., Feb. 5, 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

A public, circle-round discussion, followed by light refreshments. (Discussion may continue after 8 p.m. at the Williams Inn tavern.)

Who participated?

(alphabetical order)

  1. Osmin Alvarez, Publisher Box Car Media Inc. North Adams
  2. Roger Bolton, Emeritus Economics Professor Williams College Williamstown Charles Bonenti, Reporter / Editor (retired) Berkshire Eagle Williamstown
  3. Steven Borns, Williamstown
  4. Stephanie Borns, Free-lance Writer Williamstown
  5. Alex Brooks, Editor/co-Owner The Eastwick Press Williamstown
  6. Jennifer Civello, Executive Director Williamstown Chamber of Commerce Williamstown
  7. Audrey Clarkson, Williamstown
  8. Janet Curran, Images Cinema Williamstown
  9. Lewis C. Cuyler, Managing Editor (Retired) North Adams Transcript Pittsfield
  10. Harriet Cuyler, Nurse Bekshire Medical Center Pittsfield
  11. Deb Dane, Executive Director WilliNet Public Access Williamstown
  12. Tammy Daniels, Editor/co-Owner iBerkshires North Adams
  13. Bill Densmore, Researcher Reynolds Journalism Institute Williamstown
  14. Dave Dewey, Development Williams College Williamstown
  15. Rick Driscoll, retired executive Sweetwood Continuing Care Williamstown
  16. Paul Dupuis, Clarksburg
  17. Van Ellet
  18. Alex Elvin, former reporter The Advocate Williamstown
  19. Joe Finnigan, Citizen Williamstown
  20. Brian Handspicker, Board member Citizen-Media Inc. North Adams
  21. Vivienne Jaffe, Williamstown
  22. Marc Jaffee, Citizen Williamstown
  23. Betsy Johnson, former co-publisher The Advocate Williamstown
  24. Jim Kolesar, VP for Public Affairs Williams College Williamstown
  25. Tom Leamon
  26. Nancy Meter???? (spelling uncertain)
  27. Harry Montgomery, Member Williamstown Rotary Williamstown
  28. Kevin Moran, Regional VP News Berkshire Eagle Pittsfield
  29. Elayne Murphy, Williamstown
  30. Margaret Oxtoby
  31. Wade Phenicie, General Manager WCFM-Williams College Williamstown
  32. Vicki Saltzman, illiamstown
  33. David Scribner, Owner / Writer The Bekshire Edge Stockbridge
  34. David Shufelt, former sales rep Hill Country Observer Williamstown
  35. Elizabeth Smith, retired farmer Caretaker CSA Farm Williamstown
  36. Sam Smith, retired farmer Caretaker CSA Farm Williamstown
  37. Lauren Stevens, Founder The Advocate Williamstown
  38. Tom Stites, Founder/Director The Banyan Project Newburyport MA
  39. Michael Sussman, retired physician Williamstown
  40. Sally Sussman, retired art teacher Williamstown
  41. Richard Taskin, Attorney North Adams
  42. Sandra Thomas, Executive Director Images Cinema Williamstown
  43. Jean Vankin, Williamstown
  44. Lani Wilmer
  45. Tela Zasloff, Member Williamstown Democratic Committtee Williamstown


  1. John Bissell, Executive VP Greylock Federal Credit Union Pittsfield
  2. Veronica Bosley, Tourism / Community Events Director City of North Adams
  3. Liz Cosley, co-owner Overland Travel Williamstown
  4. Fred Daly, Editor/Co-Owner Hill Country Observer
  5. David Durfee, General Manager Wild Oats Market (co-operative) Williamstown
  6. Mary Ferger, Board vice chairman Wild Oats Market (co-operative) Williamstown
  7. Eileen Gloster, teacher / former Advocate reporter, North Adams Carrie Greene, Mt. Greylock Regional School District Board Williamstown
  8. Moira Jones former Advocate graphic artist Williamstown
  9. Dan Kennedy Professor / author Northeastern University "The Wired City: Reimagining Journalism and Civic Life in the Post-newspaper Age"
  10. Alison Kolesar, Board President Wild Oats Market (co-operative) Williamstown
  11. Steve Long, board member Shires Media Partners Williamstown
  12. Steve Peltier, former circulation manager The Advocate Williamstown
  13. Jeff Potter, Editor The Brattleboro Commons Brattleboro VT
  14. Seth Rogovoy, Editor Great Barrington
  15. Susan Schneski, Citizen/former Selectman Town of Williamstown Williamstown
  16. Ed Sedarbaum, Board Member Development North Adams
  17. Ken Swiatek, Former selectman Town of Williamstown Williamstown
  18. John Townes, contributing editor Berkshire Trade & Commerce Pittsfield
  19. Jim Wojtaszek, Greylock Federal Credit Union Pittsfield

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