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Liza Barry-Kessler
Ph.D. Student
School of Information Studies
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

My interest in and work with libraries has focused on the intersection of free expression, privacy, and open information access. In the past, that has looked like providing neutral, private access to publications by others, without law enforcement oversight. However, in the world where news is "published" and "distributed" instantly, by anyone, including through privately owned platforms like Twitter and Facebook, simply providing the neutral (and private) "pipe" is necessary, but incomplete. It requires the skills of technology-savvy librarians to ensure that members of the public have the technology skills to find and share information, and that those skills are available to a diverse range of people. It also requires library advocacy to ensure that fair use and free digital information commons remain available, and that law enforcement oversight does not chill freedom of expression, whatever the future of democracy and news looks like.