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Suns radiation has to be kept out of buildings if the temperature inside the developing requirements to be maintained at an optimal level, which tends to make it hospitable to the occupants. Solar film prevents sun radiation heat from building within the constructing. The Workplace (Wellness, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 specifies that a workroom where men and women work for more than brief periods of time really should be maintained at 16 degree Celsius. Scientific studies have also revealed that the temperature in an workplace ought to be maintained at 25 degree Celsius for optimum productivity of the employees. Temperature could be maintained at the requisite level by making use of air conditioning. But the load of an air conditioner goes up when there is suns radiation enters the constructing. Suns radiation causes heat buildup and this in turn impacts the functioning of the air conditioner. The temperature within the workplace fluctuates and the electricity usage of the workplace also becomes high. Sun film prevents space heating by reflecting back suns radiation by converting it to infrared. Sun film aids bring down power consumption by almost 50%.

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