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Santa Cruz Independent Media Summit


Build a large, effective movement

  • Collective intelligence
  • It's really not that hard: Just wake up!!!!
  • Clarifying news we are struggling for; clarify who, what we are struggling against
  • Unify and officialize
  • Build/grow the movement by giving individuals something meaningful to do -- to feel invested in, and part of a movement.
  • Establish a model that can sustain its independence ... financially, politically.
  • Create collectively a hierarch of needs for activisits to be efffect with social change.
  • Be more "bottomline."
  • Unify through diversity -- "Global" agreements we have in common, i.e., earth charter org. / including spiritual perspective
  • We are all one human family.
  • Shift from things to people
  • Pull together other diverse causes into one huge movement -- not to address various symptoms -- but to address the

underlying cause: corporate rule/elite rule.

  • Create a movement to (a) empower the people -- especially women and youth (b) to disempower the corporate paradigm and (c)

to empower alternatives

  • Build an unstoppable movement by formulating a vision, a strategy and an inspiring name.
  • Shft from things to people
  • Connect union community and students power.
  • Collective intelligence
  • Leave your ego at the door
  • Treat the audience (and ourselves) as adults
  • The example: Let's put our energy where benefit is maximized
  • There will not be justice in civilization until psychadelics are respected

Build personal skills

  • Don't be shy / let people know what you think / react out loud visibly
  • Caring
  • empathy
  • Just wake up!
  • The best defense against logic is denial
  • Leave your ego at the door

Independent media / create alternative media network

  • Create a unified alternative daily newspaper -- at first online and later in print. Do it now.
  • VNR -- Create organization for the production of video news releases for progressive organizations/events.
  • Making known a local crisis with state and national implications (ie., Santa Cruz & Monterey populations are just the

beginning) Example: Aerial spraying of populations with pesticides for light-brown apple moth.

  • Free website offer for you -- visit
  • Loosely knit media distribution and action network with centralized communications hub
  • Develop a well-funded progressive infrastructure to formulate and disseminate policies that respond to progressive values.
  • Join forces! indy TV, newspapers, bloggesr, radio, all work together
  • Create partnership between generations (parents/kids) to circulate truth in "peer-to-peer" networks
  • Since we can't have systematic change without a movement, et's begin to organize the launch of the mass movement that will

bring this change

  • Do a high-quality viral video featuring the X-Files-type investigation of 9/11 with Moldre and Scolly-type characters who

research each aspect of 9/11, all done as closely stylistically to X-Files as possible. It should be a instant hit and debunk

much much of the debunking. It creeates an entertaining way to get this info out -- in a non-threatening way.

  • Create a "censored and distorted" website where users can print out weekly 8-10 new sheets of the top nationally censored

stories. Users across the country can use this site to print out news sheets for their own cities with their own contact


  • Progressive Wire -- Open to change where open wire, a WOW story. The INN (idea below) plus vetting . . . a published

codebook and a PW stamp from blogs (not issue websites)that follows the codebooks of websurfers (or add above to AltWire).

  • Use phone-tree chains or email to call papers etc. to pressure editors to publihs unshown ect. stories / op-ed

pieces/letters to the editor

  • Create a network of all independent media to come together to help each other, share stories and be a force comparable to


  • Creating an infrastructure -- a "boots on the ground" distribution/publicity network for films, newspapers etc.
  • Community intranet (bypass internet)
  • Use funny "viral videos" to spread ideas/truths, human, special issues
  • Citizen journalism, boggers / consensus vetting (group) / categorization (news, opinion, forums) / new network transmission

/ comment read extent / widest possible audience / with info/news, analysis, opinions, discussion forums, coordition

strategizing, actuion, retrospection.

  • Look at term for "alternative" media that isn't a negative definition defined by what it's not.
  • Goal: All stories/blog entries end with links for background, how to take action, how to communicate with representatives,

leaders, decision makers

  • Develop stanards and practices for legitmacy
  • organize the means by which we distribute accurate information
  • political fact checking (with clearinghouse)
  • begin organizing the next conference -- the next steps -- soon
  • Experiment with architytpes -- imagine if pop music sang about progessive issues.
  • People and species right to a sustainable ecology must trump corporate right to exist
  • Let's make good use of our media culture's obsession with celebrity, and have a news site where guest celebrities read and

report the news -- the real news.*Work for and ecourage efforts to build a national network to compete with corporate


  • Create The Peoples Foundation -- fund indy media channels
  • Learn to monetize our independent media networks
  • Cross promotion
  • Create "circuit" for films and discussion, with community and local involvement
  • Infuse our current strucutre/netowkr with unform meaning.
  • Link to other progressive film sites, authors
  • New mantra! Abandon corporate media, advance citizens' media
  • Create an independent, progressive, TV station/network of professional quality and national reach to compete with corporate

TV. Goals and values to provide the truth about important U.S. and world events, to education and entertain with progressive

programming, that promotes fairness, non-violent conflict resolution, coooperatin, the best characteristics of humanithy for

love, understanding, compassion, and agaisnt exploitation, racism, sexism, degredation and all forms of discrimination, etc.

Programming -- a mix of news, eduaiton and entertainment using exposes, investigative journalism in a way that gives hope for

change -- sample programming 6 a.m.-8 a.m. news, 8 a.m.-10 a.m. talk shows 4 p.m.-6 p.m. news, 6p.m. 7 p.m.-- education

etc. funding: Use as much low budget items as possible -- movies, already produced programs etc. , viewer suppoorted fund

drives, membership subs, commercials. governance -- have board representing major constitutents, yout, labor,

small/progressive business, woemn, blacks, Latinos, environmentalist etc.

  • Have people use their strengths by becoming organized along skill ines: public events, films etc./intergroup liasons / tech,

pr, jouranalism/writing/ monetary, reptilian arts (how the other side thinks), strategize, public faces

  • New mantra: bandon corporate media, davance citizens' media.

Reduce consumerism

  • Along with truth actions in 11th of every month / no bouying of anything on the 11th of every month
  • Blacklist Wal-Mart
  • Reduce, reuse recycle. Less consumption will topple the machines!
  • truth in advertising? How about truth in campaign promises?
  • Congreess is obliged to honor the will of their constitutents

Build Collaborative group skills

  • Make all goals: "SMART" -- specific, measurable, attainable, realistics, timey
  • Don't sut tell people the problems. offer ideas for action steps they can take at the end of each story.
  • Learning the difference between a goal and a stupid comment.
  • This goal board is pathetic!

Build real democracy

  • Treat the audience and ourselves as adults
  • Equality
  • illegalize secret societies for those in public office
  • To reclaim democracy and use it to guide our vision, actualize
  • horizontal power
  • radical equality / horizontal integration / transcend hierarcy
  • consistently, relentlessly challenge the frames, the assumptions, the iomissions, the terms ("war" in Iraq), ("illegal"

alliens, etc.)

  • Impeach
  • end represssion
  • to learn how to break down the "military industrial congressional complex" and the whole power elite structure/paradigm
  • Democracy defined: one person: one vote / traceable paper balot / no political as allowed on broadcast media (as a

requirement for bandwidth licensure, free and equal primetime to all candidate s).

Work through schools

  • Develop curricula -- hidden history, detecting propaganda, cutting through disinfo
  • Basic logic and argument/fallacies taught in the 7th-12th grades
  • Enjoy genuine communications
  • Schools -- get the cops out, get the military recruiters out, stop the surveillance in schools
  • articulate what real democrcy is ... by drawing out real life stories of progressive values
  • values education
  • Meet your neighbor. Talk about what moves you.
  • Help people understand how the media (especially corporate media) works in including creating "media literacy" as part of

standard curriculum.

Build womens' voice

  • End patriarcy
  • Sexist jokes from the progressivepanelists are not funny -- they insult women
  • Healing centers for womena dn others so whole people can create a whole new beautiful world --


  • Women voice and women's wisdom need to be heard -- to reach it support family now

Include underrepresented voices

  • Lift the voices of the silenced -- include youth, immigrant and ethnic communities in the discussion and the movement
  • Create allies in issues of social jsutice across categories of race, class, gender, culture and particularly religious and

political affiliante (i.e., create Common Ground.

Message discipline

  • Establish a language that enables dialog with all people
  • Be like Colbert & Jon Stewart! make some of our issues entertaining and canonical.
  • Watch our words: occupation not war, survivor not victim, corporate not mainstream media, explosion not collapse, electrion

fraud not vote fraid, "U.S. occupation following illegal war."

  • Create a bridging language that will not alienate and polarize. Explose the fact that we are all one human family
  • Develop a series of questions to ask that would help people understand -- what is happening?
  • Establish a new and accepted political lexicon for media. Redefinie old terms so that the is no more emotional baggage.

Build local community

  • Connect unions community and students power
  • community
  • empowre throgh small conscious actions
  • celebrate our strengths
  • please talk to students, include! Youth and your family and community
  • join/create a center for peace and justice in your community
  • Help people understand how the media (especially corporate media) works in including creating "media literacy" as part of

standard curriculum.

  • Honor conservus and each other
  • Unity -- bilding conditions
  • Develop links, bridges between people -- coaching for community building
  • Work toward community ownership
  • reaching public: 3 truths: the public will shift its ear and support toward a movement that is positive, nonviolent,

creative, fun, open-eharted, visionary, rooted in community, respectful of its members and generous.

Expose CIA mind control

  • Let's ban all mention of the CIA's role i media

Expose untruths

  • Expose the war-media scam
  • Expand awareness of conflict of interest -- especially politicians profiting from military actions.
  • Expose corporate media falsehood
  • Expose the foundational lies/myths about 9/11 and the elections, that are preventing progress in many important areas
  • The doubling of the power of the CPU every nine months continues to give people the tools to create both an atomic and

molecular ecologically restorative vision for our rather rare civiliczation in a magnetic bottle and to anayze and correct

the mechanisms that have allowed, for example, 5 recent state frauds that are scientifically verifiable -- JFK murder, apollo

moon hoax, OKC bombing, 9/11 reichstag fire, Palestinian ethnic cleansing

  • Crack the 9/11 myth
  • Impeach Bush/cheney and throw out theneo-cons and other bottom feeders
  • Abolish the G8, IMF/WB, Federal Reserve ....
  • Eliminate secret government
  • Reinstate the constitution and bill of rights
  • kill corporate personhood
  • Finish off all
  • Free trade institutions, into FTAA, CAFTA, NARTA, bilateral agreements

Reform government media policy

  • Bring bag Fairness Doctrine
  • Take back the FCC -- net neutrality
  • Abolish ads in first 15 minutes of news
  • No advertising toward kids -- 'hey Madison Ave., leave those kids alone!'
  • Return news to the requirement to serve the public interest

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