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Attending participants in the June 28-July 1 MGP2006 summit at UMass Amherst

Here's a list of co-conveners and and other people who attended all or some of "Democracy & Independence: Sharing News & Politics in a Connected World," June 28-July 1, 2006 at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. You may click the EDIT tab on the top of this page and add your name (alphabetical by last name) if you attended and your name is not listed here. Feel free to link to bio material or one relevant website. Contact Bill Densmore at 413-458-8001 with questions about this list. You can also view a list of registered attendees compiled before June 28.

Attended -- (you may edit this page by clicking the "edit" tab above)

  1. Aby Adams, The Information Collective
  2. Anthony Advincula, Independent Press Association
  3. Faye Anderson, citizen journalist, Anderson-at-Large
  4. Derek Anderson,
  5. Richard M. Anderson,
  6. Steve Anderson,
  7. Gillian Andrews, doctoral student, Columbia Univ. Teachers College
  8. Thomas Cashman Avila, Deputy Executive Director, National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association
  9. Paul Bass, New Haven Independent
  10. Michael Ball, political blogger, Marry in Massachusetts
  11. Marty Baron, The Boston Globe
  12. Alison Bass, Brandeis University
  13. Doug Battema, professor, Western New England College
  14. Ken Bazinet, New York Daily News
  15. David Beers, The Tyee
  16. Peter Bhatia, Portland Oregonian
  17. Nick Belanger, Massachusetts Daily Collegian
  18. Kay Berenson, The [Greenfield Mass.] Recorder & N.E. Newspaper Assn.
  19. Larry Bloch, MGP profile Radio Free Brattleboro
  20. Deborah Boisvert, Philbrick James Forum
  21. Wally Bowen, Mountain Area Information Network
  22. John Boyer, Media For America Campaign
  23. John Bourke, EPluribus Media
  24. Heather Brandon, Freelance urban blogger and editor/youth media educator, Springfield, MA
  25. Steve Brant, Trimtab Management Systems [1] (Huffington Post blogger)
  26. Scott Brodeur, Advance Internet
  27. Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, Simons Rock College of Bard
  28. John Burke, World Assn. of Newspapers Editor's Weblog
  29. Rick Burnes, Faneuil Media
  30. John Byrne,
  31. David Carlson, Society of Professional Journalists
  32. Kristi Ceccarossi, The Brattleboro Reformer
  33. Cho (penname), ePluribus Media
  34. Frederick Clarkson, author; president, Talk to Action
  35. Steven Clift, Democracies Online Newswire and E-Democracy.Org
  36. Sandra Close, New America Media
  37. Kristin Collins, Island Institute (Maine)
  38. Mark Cooper, Consumer Federation of America
  39. Michael Cote, EPluribus Media
  40. Robert Cox, Media Bloggers Association
  41. Vin Crosbie, Digital Deliverance and Corante's Rebuilding Media
  42. Chris Daly, Boston Univ. School of Journalism
  43. John Daley, Daleyblog
  44. Geoffrey Davidian,MINIBIO, The Putnam Pit / [2] / [3]
  45. Steve Davis, S.I. Newhouse School, Syracuse University
  46. Rafael DeGennaro,
  47. Michae DeChiara, blog
  48. Eric Deggans, media critic, St. Petersburg Times
  49. Lynn Delaney, New England Press Assn. / Milton [Vt.] Independent
  50. Bill Densmore, Media Giraffe Project
  51. Julie Dobrow, Tufts University
  52. Ken Doctor, Content Bridges
  53. Jon Donley, NOLA.COM / Times-Picayune, front pages
  54. Brian Dominick, The NewStandard
  55. Jessica Duda, Center for Social Media at American University
  56. Lance Dutson, Maine Web Report
  57. Rick Edmonds, The Poynter Institute
  58. Amy Eisman, American University School of Communications
  59. Larry Elin, S.I. Newhouse School, Syracuse University
  60. Fabrice Florin, NewsTrust
  61. Ed Fouhy, Pew Center on the States /
  62. Jeffrey Fox,
  63. Steve Fox,
  64. David Franke, American Target Advertising
  65. Andrea Frantz, Wilkes University / AEJMC
  66. Lewis Friedland, UW-Madison
  67. Susan Gallagher, professor, UMass Lowell
  68. Brenda Garton, Western New England College
  69. Mark Frydenberg, Bentley College
  70. Steve Garfield,
  71. Jon Garfunkel,
  72. Eddy Goldberg, Clearpoint Communications
  73. Eric Goldscheider freelance writer
  74. Margo Gordon, University of Washington, and Sound Research Strategies
  75. Paul Grabowicz, UC-Berkeley Journalism School
  76. Stephen Gray, Newspaper Next at the American Press Institute
  77. Lynn Gregory, professor, public communications, Univ. of Vermont
  78. Melissa Graykin, Philbrick James Forum
  79. Tish Grier, Corante Media Hub
  80. Chris Grotke,
  81. Donna Halper, Donna Halper & Associates
  82. Teresa Hanafin, editor, at The Boston Globe
  83. Sabah Hamamou, newspaper reporter, Al-Ahram, Cairo, Egypt
  84. Tanya Harned, EPluribus Media
  85. Adrian Holovaty,
  86. Gregory Herbert, Greenberg Traurig
  87. Heidi Holtan, producer/host, KAXE Northern Community Radio - Minnesota, [4]
  88. Brant Houston, Investigative Reporters & Editors
  89. Richard Howe,
  90. Kevin Howley, DePauw University
  91. Ellen Hume, Univ. of Mass. Center on Media and Society / Ethnic Media Project
  92. Aldon Hynes (BLOG), Center for Online Investigative Journalism
  93. Bill Israel, Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst
  94. Jeff Jarvis, / LINK#2 / CUNY journalism
  95. Jane Johnston, editor, The Newburgh (N.Y.) Advocate
  96. Gordon Joseloff,
  97. Sheila Kaplan, Publisher, Education New York
  98. Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash.COM
  99. Susan Kaplan, Host of PBS affiliate WGBY's Watercooler and freelancer for NPR.
  100. Jill Kaufman, WFCR Five College Radio (NPR)
  101. Gary Kebbel, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
  102. Dan Kennedy, Media Nation, Northeastern University School of Journalism
  103. Conor Kenny,
  104. Jiah Kim, Free Speech TV
  105. Jemima Kiss, freelance journalist and London contributor for, U.K.
  106. Steve Klein, Coordinator, Electronic Journalism Program , George Mason University
  107. Staci Kramer, PaidContent.ORG
  108. Peter Krasilovsky, Krasilovsky Consulting
  109. Melissa Krodman, Project Think Different, Boston
  110. Ed Kubosiak,
  111. Lise LePage,
  112. Jill Lang, online instructor, Citizen Journalism on the Web (UMass)
  113. Martin Langeveld, The Brattleboro Reformer
  114. Elizabeth LeDoux, Bentley College
  115. Ed Lenert, Univ. of Nevada-Reno School of Journalism
  116. Rosalyn Lemieux, / New Organizing Institute
  117. Charles Lewis, founder, Center for Public Integrity
  118. Sanford Lewis, Esq. Corporate Watchdog Radio Podcast
  119. Jo Lee,
  120. Casey Lide, Baller Herbst Law Firm
  121. Donna Liu, University Channel
  122. Mark Lopez, Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement
  123. Christopher Lydon, Open Source Radio
  124. Ndesanjo Macha, Kiswahili blog, Digital Africa
  125. Christopher Mackin, Ownership Associates Inc. [5]
  126. Wayne MacPhail, Rabble Podcast Network and w8nc inc.
  127. Maureen Mann,Melissa Graykin, Bob Mann / Philbrick James Forum (N.H.), also [6]
  128. Thomas Marban,
  129. Michael McAlpin, WGBH-TV, Boston
  130. Emily McKhann, Been There Clearinghouse
  131. Joseph McQuaid, The Loeb School / New Hampshire Union Leader
  132. Ilona Meagher, ePluribus Media
  133. John McManus, Grade the News
  134. Benjamin Melancon, People Who Give a Damn
  135. Philip Meyer, Univ. of North Carolina
  136. Meredith McCullough, Bedford, Mass.
  137. Robin "Roblimo" Miller,
  138. Terry Mollner, The Trusteeship Institute
  139. Robb Montgomery, Founder Visual, Merging Forms: Is the Medium Still the Message
  140. Herbert Moyer, middle-high school teacher, Pittsfield, N.H.,Founding Board Member of Democracy For New Hampshire # Herb Moyer]
  141. Cooper Munroe, Been There Clearinghouse
  142. Erik Muten, DramaWorks InterActive
  143. Jeffrey Napolitano, UMass Graduate Student Senate
  144. Christian Nelson, Springfield Technical Community College
  145. Shava Nerad, Tor executive director
  146. Meredith O'Brien, University of Massachusetts Journalism Program, blogger
  147. Don Ogden,Western Mass. Indymedia
  148. Jim Paulin, Alaska free-lancer
  149. Chris Peck, editor, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis
  150. Barry Parr, CoastSider and Jupiter Research
  151. Dale Peskin, The Media Center at API
  152. Peter Phillips, Project Censored at Sonoma State Univ.
  153. Chellie Pingree, president, Common Cause
  154. David Platt, Island Institute, Maine
  155. Vikki Porter, Knight New Media Center, Univ. of Southern California
  156. Juana Ponce de Leon, Independent Press Association
  157. Stephen Post, news editorial director, WMUA Amherst
  158. Jeff Potter, Potter Publishing Studio
  159. Adam Powell, USC-Virterbi Integrated Media Center, INTERVIEW
  160. Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project
  161. Laura Reed, Hampshire College, Amherst MA
  162. Daniela Reif, Omidyar Network
  163. Barbara J. Roche, UMass journalism program
  164. Colin Rhinesmith, Berkman Center for Internet & Society and ACMEBoston
  165. Anthony Ronzio, VillageSoup
  166. Jay Rosen, and New York Univ.
  167. Tom Rosenstiel, Project on Excellence in Journalism
  168. Craig Sandler, (AUDIO),State House News Service/, (Mass.)
  169. Elena Sassower, Center for Judicial Accountability
  170. Chris Satullo], editorial page editor, Philadelphia Inquierer
  171. Carol Scott, communications consultant, East Greenwich, R.I.
  172. David Scribner,
  173. Jim Shaffer, Southern Maine Univ. Business School
  174. Josh Silver,
  175. Stephen Silha, Journalism that Matters
  176. Norm Sims, University of Massachusetts
  177. Michael Skoler, Minnesota Public Radio's Public Insight Journalism
  178. Bob Stepno, University of Tennessee School of Journalism & El.Media
  179. Erin Stark, Free Speech TV
  180. Jane Ellen Stevens, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and Rejournalism
  181. Douglas Stewart, National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Assn.
  182. Tom Stites, UU World and Center for Public Integrity
  183. Michael Stoll, Grade the News
  184. Christine Stuart,
  185. Teresa Styles, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State College
  186. Grace Sullivan, Manchester NH Community Television
  187. Megan Tady, The NewStandard
  188. Cynthia Thames, blogger, Boston Eye
  189. Paul Thomas, ePluribus Media
  190. Helen Thomas, Hearst Newspapers White House columnist
  191. Michael Tippett,
  192. Sally Turner, consultant, Making Connections Providence also: [7]
  193. Richard Viguerie, author, political strategist
  194. Andrew Varnon, Valley Advocate
  195. Jerry Villacres, Ethnic Media Project of Boston
  196. Scott Walker, Media Giraffe Project
  197. Keith Walker, Anacapa/NDN
  198. David Wallace,, Boston
  199. David Warsh,
  200. Eric A. Watts, author/blogger
  201. Peter Wells, publisher, The Providence American
  202. George White, Center for Communications and Community, UCLA
  203. Robert Washburn, Online, Canada
  204. Lisa Williams,
  205. Eesha Williams, author, Grassroots Journalism
  206. Rob Williams, Action Coalition for Media Education
  207. Stephen Wilmarth
  208. John Wilpers, Marshfield, Mass.
  209. Holmes Wilson, Participatory Culture Foundation
  210. Josh Wilson,