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A true community portal is what the Internet needs for the world. The best way to get our news would also be a community portal, neither dictated by a corporation nor self-selected based on only our current interests, but based on the needs and collective knowledge of the community plus, additionally, our particular interests. That's one of the farther off plans for the planning-stage "network of everyone," People Who Give a Damn, at

I run a blog priced for elites. It's called [1]. It's $48 a week. Our many subscribers adore us because we practice traditional journalism, right down the middle, produced by professionally trained journalists. I'm thinking I'll be out of business in about eight years. Hmmm. I'm also having trouble adjusting to a media environment consisting of everyone expressing their opinion at once, laced with obscenity.

At the same time, I run a citizen's news tool for free:[2]. (It also lives on[3]- the official state web site.) It's a chronology of important stories in state government - but "important" is defined by the local MSM. I'm wondering whether to import news created by the blogosphere, but don't trust what I read there. So I'm hoping the conference will be a mind-expanding experience! If you have some hopeful words or ideas, please introduce yourself to me - look for bright orange hair and seersucker!!! --Craig Sandler

* then here's a blog for you to send all those obscenities to: Incivilities

What makes a good panel question? It's tough. The questioner wants to make an impression, and to make it seem conversational, but the downside is when they become downright self-promotional or otherwise polemical. "Was there a question there?" is often the polite sign that the questioner has misfired. Hey, before you speak truth to power, you have to speak sense to power. Maybe everybody could submit a micro-vote as to which questions are good and which ones make no sense...

Speaking of ill-suited questions... So there's a gadfly here, who appears to have made the pilgrimage to Amherst to press her personal vendetta against the NYT and the elected officials for her state. Near as I can tell, this all stems from a personal matter of long time ago that has blossomed into various court motions, an arrest, jail time, etc. So at the end of the panel, she buttonholed a number of the panelists. One of them is a well-known blogger with a healthy temper, and he completely blasted her. But she went on buttonholing the others. I could name names here. It's just funny to me that the well-known blogger could absolutely shred this gadfly online if he had time to waste. But he probably won't. Not worth his time... or anyone's.

By the way. I'm not blogging here. It's just much more fun-- and will reach many more people-- to write to the wiki. Of course, someone can blow away my words here, and that's the downside of the wiki platform. And with a little forensics, people could probably guess who I am. It's not very "community"/kumbaya/group-hug type of thing, but this is naked truth and it oughtta be read.

Visual Editors will be blogging, presenting and podcasting from the Giraffe

Hello, I have been asked to convene a session on Merging Forms: Is the Medium Still the Message and time permitting will also podcast and video podcast blog the Media Giraffe for the thousands of editors and news executives who will be tuning in from newsrooms from around the globe. Visual Editors videoblogged from the World Newspaper Congress in Moscow earlier this month and beginning Thursday in Amherst hope to gain some insight from you as we talk about the challenges old media faces and how best to bring richly reported stories to their digital customers. Please 'Smile' for the camera if we have a chance for an interview. - Robb Montgomery, Founder of Visual Editors