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jtmsv.jpg NewsTools2008: A concept/design mashup for journalists, technologists and entrepreneurs

DRUPAL DAY at NewsTools2008

Technology and the New Ecology of News
How will technology innovation support journalism and participatory democracy?

WHERE: Sunnyvale, Calif.
WHEN: Friday, May 2, 2008


[The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation provided special support for "Drupal Day" breakout activities on Friday. The foundation is seeking worthy Drupal development projects through the Knight Drupal Initiative and digital news and information projects through the Knight News Challenge. Both programs aim at helping citizens be better informed to participate actively in their communities. Knight believes that open-source content-management platforms and digital innovation can help build online news resources that have an impact in real communities. Knight was a supporter of DrupalCon in Boston.]

A small number of seats are reserved for participants in -- "Drupal Day at NewsTools2008," on Friday, May 2 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. A one-day registration fee of $50 includes lunch and end-of-day reception. REGISTER HERE, choosing the "Drupal Day FRIDAY ONLY" button. You will receive a confirmation email with details about location and schedule.

What to expect

A set of extended, focused breakouts, part of the overall NewsTools2008 convening sponsored by Yahoo! and others. The "Drupal Day" breakouts are responsivle to those NewsTools participants who want to convene around Drupal, and useful to journalists who don't know much about the open-source content-management platform and would like to learn more.


Proposed breakout sessions

Introduction to Drupal 6

Kieran Lal will do an introduction to Drupal 6 highlighting Drupal's most popular features and focus on why so many news sites are switching to using Drupal. Win a free Drupal e-books form Apress (Four in total for the day).

Newspaper and Journalism Showcase

NYTimes company, NYSun, NYObserver, NYPost, + + News - New York Observer case study, Greece Summer Travel Guide, Video discussion of New York ObserverCOA News Independent News Portal, Savannahnow, Playboy Germany -- Not Safe For Work, Now Public, FastCompany, Forbes - Office pranks, Linuxjournal, World pulse magazine, Snowboard magazine, Information.dk (independent daily distributed all over Denmark, Europe), Mediawatch.dk, Journalisten.dk PRI's The world, US Magazine, Straight, MediaME, Ads of the World, La2day - The Los Angeles Lifestyle Magazine, The Onion, Ain't It Cool News, Shenzhen Party, Community debate site for german newspaper "The World", a independent daily in Denmark, Press: Non-commercial news for the Bay Area, Ukrtime.com, 80 post-graduate journalism students convergence website, Indian Newswatch for news people Bluffton Today, The Cornell Daily Sun , Northhampton Daily Hampshire Gazette Beta The Vineyard Voice, community publishing for Martha's Vineyard The columbia spectator Publish2 NWSource Seattle Times University Ghent Student paper

Tailoring Drupal to fit as a newspaper CMS Extra! Extra! Creating a school newspaper website Danish news sites benefit from doing things ‘The Drupal Way’

Knight News Challenge and the Knight Drupal Initiative

Jose Zamora: Drupal and the Knight Foundation agree that open source digital publishing can enable powerful agents of transformation in their respective communities. Together, we are working to improve communities by providing an open democratic platform in the digital age. We provide funding for grant proposals that achieve our mutual goals by leveraging the Drupal platform in innovative ways.

Benjamin Melançon winner of a Knight News Challenge will talk about the related content module for which he won a Knight grant.

There is now a unique initiative by the Knight Foundation specifically for Drupal, where the broad Drupal community is asked to vet projects itself to present to Knight for funding. See http://groups.drupal.org/knight-drupal-initiative

Google News and Drupal as your news syndication client

Google News aggregates news sources from around the world. In order to be effectively included in Google news you can take advantage of two features: mechanics, and policies. Daniel Meredith from Google News will talk about what Google news is looking for in your site. Discussion will focus on how to best meet these needs with your Drupal site, and what can be done to improve Drupal to meet those needs.

Hosting video on archive.org with your Drupal site

Mark Burdett will discuss how you can store your video journalism work on Archive.org with your Drupal site.

Mobile video and Drupal

Mark Burdett will discuss how you can make video available from your Drupal site to mobile devices and how you can upload video from your mobile device to your Drupal site.

Building a multi-media news portal on a budget

Benjamin Melancon of Agaric Design talks about how to build a news site on a budget and lessons from COA News http://coanews.org

JD Lassica talks about OurMedia

OurMedia was one of the early big Drupal sites. JD Lassica talks about OurMedia and their plans for the future.

Empowering journalists with Civic Data: politicians, committees, bills, amendments, and votes.

Neil Drumm will present his work importing on publicly available data to help keep congress monitored. His work is being used on http://maplight.org, which is nominated for a webby, and http://themiddleclass.org.

Integrating Drupal and Mediawiki

The Center for Media and Democracy operates two main websites, PRWatch.org (powered by Drupal) and Sourcewatch.org (powered by Mediawiki, the same software that runs Wikipedia). To facilitate cross-posting and linking between the two sites, they use an "[1]" module for Drupal. They also use an extension to Mediawiki called "Emu" which enables both sites to share the same user registration system and are using RSS feeds to automatically display information from PRWatch.org within Sourcewatch articles. More recently, they have developed a third, Drupal-powered website, FrontGroups.org, to support collaboration between CMD and Consumer Reports Webwatch. This session will explain how these customizations work and could serve as a prototype for similar collaborations between other journalism websites. Convenor: Sheldon Rampton, research director, Center for Media and Democracy, sheldon@prwatch.org

Finding the right interface for web-based journalism: what I learned by writing the ePublish module

PR Watch began as a print publication and later moved to the web. In the course of that transition, it retained some of the features of traditional print publications, such as publishing periodic "issues" and wanting to group all of the content from a single issue together where readers could find it. After PRWatch.org moved onto the Drupal platform, editor Sheldon Rampton also studied the example of various news websites, including the New York Times and Google News, to see how they organize their content by topic ("International News," "Politics," "Sports," etc.). This became the basis for the the <a href="http://www.turk-sohbet.net" title="sohbet" target="_blank">sohbet</a>ePublish module for Drupal. He could talk about what he noticed while comparing news interfaces from studying various websites, explain how ePublish works, and also discuss some newer features that other people have added to Drupal (such as the Views module), which provide similar functionality with possibly more options and a more user-friendly interface. Convenor: Sheldon Rampton, research director, Center for Media and Democracy, Bandages