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Vera Chan Senior Editor Yahoo 701 First Avenue Sunnyvale CA 94598 4083492741 vchan@yahoo-inc.com

Vera Chan is one of the rare breed of writers/editors at Yahoo, trendspotting and writing stories by analyzing search patterns from millions of users. Typical of the Gen X labor force, Ms. Chan worked at computer gaming company and the Asian American Journalists Association before finally taking her hard-earned M.J. from UC Berkeley to the Contra Costa Times, where she worked as features reporter/events editor. She parachuted out of the Knight Ridder family with a buyout a few years before the chain shut down, and spent several years freelancing for local newspaper, onlline, and magazine publications before landing at Yahoo!.

Technology will not save journalism unless journalists and the businesspeople who run the production of news understand the culture of information. Journalism hasn't been helped by the slow adoption of tools, yet its most egregious example -- the slow adoption of the web -- has to do more with the one-way delivery of information rather than a conversation with the public. The cultural shift needs to accelerate, in which journalists must address outmoded narrative structure, the neglect of truly local reporting, the nickel-and-diming of services like obituaries and wedding notices, poor ad sales and so on -- and how technology is merely the means to effecting long-overdue change and dialogue.