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Stephanie Savell, member
Global Venture Team
1930 38th St NW
Washington DC 20007

Stephanie is a member of the Global Venture team. She focuses on the search and selection of journalist and social investment entrepreneurs. A few months before joining Ashoka in 2005, Stephanie returned from a year in Benin, West Africa, where she used her Fulbright fellowship to conduct anthropological field research on the implications of cultural tourism for a small ethnic group with unique traditional architecture. While there, she and a Beninese friend launched a tourism project to generate revenue for a local village. Previously, Stephanie taught outdoor education in New Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nova Scotia. Through work and study, she has pursued her passion for cultural immersion in communities around the world, from Ireland to India and Cameroon. Stephanie has a B.A. in Anthropology from Middlebury College.

She is interested in finding innovative projects and meeting entrepreneurs who will create the future of journalism. She would like to know: Where is the hub of innovation in journalism? What are the emergingconcepts, ideas, and activities that will capture the opportunity in journalism's transformation?