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Peter Roybal has been a product manager at Yahoo! News since June, 2005. Areas of focus have included story, video and photo aggregation, traffic and financial analysis, and serving as liaison to international Yahoo! News sites. Previously he was editor of CQ.com, a subscription-based legislative news and information service, at Congressional Quarterly in Washington, D.C.

Roybal writes in his replies to NewsTools2008 registration questions:

"Generally, my interests revolve around engaging a mass audience with quality journalism regardless of the format. I am also interested in reproducible business models that can fund as many feet on the street as possible. Finally, I think online news presents a new (and often overlooked) opportunity to build international audiences around global stories. Would be happy to discuss any of these topics.

"I'm always eager to meet new people and swap ideas. I would hope we will be thinking big in terms of audience because I think sometimes the technology oriented conversations lead toward ideas that are of interest to a fairly narrow group of people who already consume a lot of news. I'm mostly interested in doing more with people who read only a couple stories a week."