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Excerpted from: http://clubofrome.wordpress.com/retreat-participant-bios/

Kaizar Campwala

"There is too much good journalism in the world to sit back and allow mediocre reporting to be uncritically consumed. By urging readers to review the articles they are reading, NewsTrust gives them a stake in thinking critically about the news they consume." Kaizar Campwala - NewsTrust Associate Editor, Founding Member - San Francisco

I was Born in Boston, and grew up in Delaware, but my heart, and wardrobe, both belong to New York City. My first name probably comes from a Persian derivation one of Ishmael's sons, but I don't know for sure. As a kid I loved my Legos, watching Star Wars, and drinking tomato soup. All have since fallen out of favor.

I went to college at Brown University, where I studied American Political Development (a 'branch' of political science) and Modern South Asian history. While in college I spent a year in New Delhi where I augmented study of South Asian history with Hindu philosophy and taxi-fare haggling. In Delhi I also started playing sitar, an instrument I brought back and continue to enjoy.

I would love to sit at a dinner table with Dave Chappelle and Bill Clinton, preferably at Peter Lugar (a Brooklyn steak house). I've worked at a small voice communications that focuses on government technology. Reading is my passion. I enjoy reading Russian literature, Harper's (Monthly, not Bazaar), and The Whiskey Bar (billmon.org ). My hero is Paul Farmer because his humanity is so astounding and so real.

I predict an England win in the World Cup.