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Principal convenor Minnesota Journalism Center Minnesota News Council


Event co-organizers

The Minnesota Journalism Center at the University of Minnesota was established in 1979 through a gift from the late John Cowles, Sr., chairman of the Minneapolis Star and Tribune Company, and his wife, the late Elizabeth Bates Cowles. It's purpose is to improve the practice of journalism, promote interaction between media professionals and the academy, and serve as the outreach arm of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. To this end, the Center organizes, sponsors or co-sponsors more than 30 events each year, which are detailed annually in an activity report. The center is directed by SJMC Prof> Kathleen A. Hansen.

The Minnesota News Council promotes fair, vigorous and trusted journalism by engaging the news media and the public in examining standards of fairness. The news council organizes public events, and arranges speakers on media topics in schools. And it conducts hearings and issues non-binding findings on complaints from the public alleging factual errors or bias in news coverage.

Funding sponsors

The Blandin Foundation is a private foundation based in Grand Rapids, Minn. USA and is the state's largest rural-based and rural-focused foundation. Its mission is to strengthen communities in rural Minnesota with the vision of healthy rural communities grounded in strong economies where the burdens and benefits are widely shared. Among its grant-making priorities is a goal of promoting stronger rural voices.
The Park Foundation, of Ithaca, N.Y., was established by the late Roy Hampton Park, Sr. — founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of newspaper publisher Park Communications, Inc. The foundation values a diverse and transparent media landscape. Its goal is to fund non-commercial broadcasting, investigative journalism, and independent media that is substantive, unbiased and accurate. The foundation supports Journalism That Matters and its Next Newsroom initiative.

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, of Troy, Mich., believes that building strong communities through collaboration provides a basis for positive change. Mott's Civil Society program supports democratic institution building, strengthening communities, promoting equitable access to resources, and ensuring respect of rights and diversity. One particular focus is promoting people’s rights, responsibilities and participation.

Principal organizer


The Media Giraffe Project, a research effort of the University of Massachusetts Amherst journalism program, finds and spotlights individuals making innovative, sustainable use of media to foster participatory democracy and community. It helps the Journalism That Matters collaborative to convene meetings and prepare reports.