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Fairlight Baer-Gutierrez
Editor, YourHub.com

I have lived in communities gargantuan and small in Colorado, California, Kansas, South Carolina and Sweden. Whether it's through sharing a Watergate salad or playing kubb under the midnight sun, I appreciate community. I have reported, edited and helped manage papers in Kansas and Colorado and can tell you I haven't found anything as special as YourHub.com in Denver. We use the site to report breaking news, entertain, initiate or facilitate dialogue about what readers care about, create a comfortable and inspiring destination for our user-readers and more. Some tell us their favorite part of the Thursday Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post is our reverse-published print editions. I love hearing that, but we also hang our hat on showing enterprise, having fun with the site, seeing offline friendships form among users and having an impact in the community in general. We are always looking to do more.