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    Photos from MGP2006

    Link to archived downloadable video of MGP2006 sessions

    • Many of the nearly 40 sessions at the June 28-July 1 MGP2006 summit of the Media Giraffe Project at UMass Amherst were videotaped. We're gradually making them available for online viewing and download as QuickTime and Flash files. Click to annotated descriptions and links.

    Blogging the Media Giraffe Project summit conference

    Many participants in the June 28-July 1 MGP2006 summit of the Media Giraffe Project at UMass Amherst posted blog reports about their experience. For now, this is a rich source of background and insight on what happened, and a great roadmap to the archived QuickTime and Flash video of many of the sessions we are gradually putting up courtesy of Donna Liu and the University Channel at Princeton University.

    Blog posts found through Technorati

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    If you are blogging in the aftermath of MGP2006, please post your link below. Or if you've found a particularly insightful post about MGP2006 not listed, go ahead and add it, with a few words of commentary about its relevance or subject matter.

    Summit-specific posts:

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    Bloggers writing about the Media Giraffe Project

    Jeff Jarvis arrives and sets the tone

    1. Setting the tone
    2. What Jarvis said

    Tish Grier writing at Corante and her own blog

    1. Jeff Jarvis and "networked journalism"
    2. Media Giraffe: Learning What's Next (and what's not)
    3. Getting to work

    Paul Bass writing at the New Haven Independent

    1. Profiling Rob Williams
    2. On Day 2 of MGP2006
    3. On Richard Viguerie and Christopher Mackin
    4. On putting the ingredients on the cereal box
    5. On Fabrice Florin, Newstrust and Jemima Kiss

    Jemima Kiss writing at her own blog and on Media Bistro

    1. Kiss wraps up three days in a summary post
    2. Profiling Paul Bass
    3. Jemima Kiss Search results for 19 posts by Kiss on MGP2006

    Eric Duggans writing at his St. Petersburg Times blog

    1. On three days to find the future of journalism . . .
    2. Tiptoeing around the elephant: How do newspapers survive?

    Concerning "The New England Common"

    Additional blog reports

    • GOP strategist Richard Viguerie visits at the Media Giraffe Conference