What is a "media giraffe"?

What is a "media giraffe"?

A "media giraffe" is a standout performer, a person or institution that sticks their neck out in journalism or media, visible above others in service to the ideals of participatory democracy.

The Media Giraffe Project finds these people and profiles them on our website. We have nearly 350 (and counting) profiles of people ranging from Craig Newmark of Craigslist to Brian Lamb of C-SPAN. We seek to personalize the stories behind media trends by focusing on individuals, and including photographs and interviews of our giraffes.

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How do you find a media giraffe?

Media giraffes graze within mainstream media and at the kitchen table, from urban neighborhoods to the rural outback. They graze all over the globe, although this phase of the Media Giraffe Project is focused on the U.S. media landscape.

Not all giraffes have the same spots. But all media giraffes tower above other species in distinctive insight and service to key attributes. They:

  • Show passion and idealism for truth-telling and fostering democracy.
  • Take financial, professional, or personal risk to advance participatory democracy and community.

  • Commit to the ideals of inclusive and accountable government.

  • Pioneer in new media, technology, or system-changing approaches that allow for more citizen participation.

  • Project a method for sustaining their innovation—financially or otherwise—in profit or non-profit settings.

  • Contribute to significant, democratic change in the form or substance of public discourse.

  • Are an independent voice, although they may be part of a large, established media organization.

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The concept of a "giraffe" -- a person sticking their neck out for the common good -- was not originated by us.

The MGP shares a vision with -- but is totally separate from -- the Giraffe Heroes Project, an international organization that since 1982 has been moving people to stick their necks out for the common good. John Graham, Giraffe Heroes Project President, is a member of the MGP Advisory Board.