Payment systems

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Slovak firm PianoMedia will launch content-sharing subscription network based on unique valuation method -- time

Marcel Vass, CEO, eTarget

A Slovakian-based Internet advertising firm is seeking to gather Eastern European publishers and launch early next year a multi-site news service which will pool subscription revenues, then disburse and share them based on a unique parameter – time.

Symptoms of underlying stress in journalism

In the winter 2004 Nieman Reports, John McManus tracks the rise and fall and recent rise of punditry in the news. He suggests that "some system of micro-payments for information, now provided for free, will have to arise as a younger generation gives up the paper on the stoop for the report on the Web. The 'bundling' strategy of the newspaper, with its smorgasbord of news, might be going the way of the general practitioner in medicine."
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