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Kinsley frames the question for the future of journalism

Slate founder and former Los Angles Times editorial-page editor Michael Kinsley has perfectly framed a key question for journalism -- will anyone pay for it -- in an essay called, "The Twilight of Objectivity." ---- >

PEJ's state of news report considered -- a roundup of stories and opinion

The Project on Excellence in Journalism's third-annual state of the U.S. news industry report finds more outlets but a shrunken menu of stories. A wrapup of news and commentary on the PEJ report, released Monday, March 13.

There's no business like your own newspaper's business

Geneva Overholser, in the Columbia Journalism Review, points out the newspaper industry's reluctance to report on itself, and points out that newspapers have an obligation to let the public know what's going on with the news. [ Visit Website ]
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