Citizen journalism

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ADVICE: Some tips on managing the flow of "participatory journalism"

At the Online News Association's annual convention (the largest ever) last week in New York, one panel covered the "participatory journalism" phenomenon, featuring iBrattleboro, and also listed tips for handling citizen posts.

Blog site covers the emergence of "citizen journalism"

Former mainstream media graphics experts Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis run a blog called HyperMedia. It's all about Participatory Journalism - how audiences are changing the future of news and information.

Citizen-journalism stand-alone local news sites see as poised to succeed because of growth in web advertising

Writing in the June/July American Journalism Review, free-lancer Jennifer Dorroh describes a half dozen stand-alone local news web sites which have launched. She suggests the growth of local web advertising will sustain some of them and that many will collaborate rather than compete with established media, which will look to these sites to help gather micro-local news. Cited are,, and Chris Nolan's Politics Left to Right, among others.

OhmyNews founder: "We need scholarly research on citizen journalism"

The founder of Korea's OhmyNews says scholarly research on citizen journalism is needed. He spoke June 24, 2005, at what OhmyNews organized as the first world conference of citizen journalists.

Tiny phones yield powerful photos

Kim Hart and Sam Sessa write in the Baltimore Sun about the cell phone cameras that took the first pictures of the London bombings on June 7, the South Asian tsunami, and the attacks on New York on September 11. This technology "transformed witnesses into journalists. And what they reported was often startlingly immediate and moving." Citizen journalism is becoming more and more prevalent--"'They can get angles that networks and the BBC don't have,'" says Lee Thornton of the University of Maryland, College Park.

Gillmor leaving San Jose Mercury News

A short article from Steve Outing at Poynter Online about Dan Gillmor, who is leaving his job as a technology columnist at the San Jose Mercury News to do work on citizen media. This is part of a growing trend towards citizen journalism in the news business.
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