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AUDIO: NPR discussion of citizen journalism on Current.TV

National Public Radio's Neal Conan discusses with three commentators -- Marc Glaser of Online Journalism Review; Vin Crosbie of Digital Deliverance; John Temple, Rocky Mountain News managing editor; and Kyle MacRae, managing director and founder of Scoopt, the "citizen journalism" attempted by Al Gore's Current.TV.

British journalists' group adopts conduct code for "citizen journalism"

The National Union of Journalists in Great Britain has adopted a "Witness Contributors' Code of Practice" on matters like accuracy and checking sources, payments to contributors, copyright and other legal and moral rights. A Microsoft Word version of the code is downloadable from HERE ---- >

OhMyNews announces $11M investment from SoftBank to "take citizen journalism global"

OhMyNews, (PROFILE) the Korean citizen-journalism pioneer, has announced today an $11-million investment by Softbank, a Japanese and U.S. venture capital firm, to expand U.S. and global operations. Besides the website release, read media blogger Jarvis' take.

Gillmor, Clift offer lessons on the challenge of online citizen journalism efforts

Dan Gillmor, who is probably the closest thing to the originator of the phrase "citizen journalism" -- is doing some teaching about the future of participatory journalism -- but not exactly in the way he would have liked. On Jan. 24, Gillmor posted to his Bayosphere blog about the failure of his site to succeed -- at least in a traditional business sense. This has prompted a set of thoughtful reactions, including a post from another expert at citizen-media involvement -- Steven Clift (GIRAFFE PROFILE) at Democracies Online in Minneapolis. For anyone considering developing a local news community, these two folks are the pioneers � and the have the wounds and wisdom to prove it.

RESOURCE: SourceWatch tracks citizen media initiative in "wiki" format, the Madison, Wis.-based initiative of the Center for Media & Democracy, a non-profit which watches faux news and the PR industry, has created a wiki page about citizen journalism to which anyone can contribute.

Shayne Bowman, Chris Willis author update to definitive 2003 "white paper" on We Media (citizen journalism)

Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis, who authored a landmark 2003 "what paper" on citizen journalism called "We Media", are finishing up a second-year update which was to become available during January 2006. They have also just authored a new report on how the newspaper industry is adapting to the web and participatory media in Nieman Reports Volume 59 Number 4, Winter 2005. At Courante, Hylton Jolliffe writes: "The piece ponders the impact of citizen journalism on traditional media companies, the explosion of sources peeling away audience, the platform now afforded "overlooked communities", the shifting role of authority, and the dynamic and still developing ecosystem that's reshaping the way news is reported, gathered, and interpreted."

Minneapolis community radio uses J-Lab grant to launch Media Alliance "wire service" for region

AuthorMichael Freese writes at his blog that in Minneapolis, Minn., the Twin Cities Media Alliance and KFAI-FM have launched the Twin Cities Daily Planet, a website ("community newswire") which aggregates and showcases news from community newspapers, websites and blogs in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The site also allows citizen contributions. The Daily Planet is funded by J-Lab, the Institute for Interactive Journalism at the University of Maryland.

BBC reports 6,500 citizen submissions of photos and accounts of British oil fire -- huge increase over terrorist bombing event

Cross posting from The BBC received 6,500 emails containing mobile phone photos and video clips in response to the massive fires at the Buncefield oil depot this week, reports. That's 5,500 more than the number received after the terrorist bombings in London on July 7.

Citizen journalism is topic of NPR roundtable discussion

Four experts on Citizen Journalism were gathered by NPR reporter Neal Conan for an Aug. 2, 2005 "Talk of the Nation" discussion. Click to the original website to launch the streaming audio of the discussion.

Gillmor sees citizen journalism adding to the real reporting work of mainstream media notes a talk at the University of Michigan by Dan Gillmor in which Gillmor envisons a future where citizen journalists do original reporting, conduct interviews, examine local, state and federal records, and help the New Orleans Times-Picayune with a Pulitzer Price.
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