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New report makes four suggestions for foster global "citzen journalism"

The Center for International Media Assistance released on Thurs., Dec. 16 the report: "By the People: The Rise of Citizen Journalism," by Eugene Meyer, a veteran journalist and former Washington Post reporter. The 34-page report takes a global perspective and makes four recommendations:

Citizen journalism and cable community-access: What's the fit?

Thousands of public-access, government and educational television services in cities and towns around the United States telecast on cable systems. Typically the receive the majority of their funding via the franchise contracts municipalities negotiate with cable companies like Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision and the like. How are these "PEG Access" operations adapting the the new broadband environment, where video is increasingly viewed and created by consumers on Internet devices, including mobile phones and tablets?

In Scranton, Pa., a laid-off journalist tracks local online news communities; is it time for ASNCF?

When Jessica Durkin was laid off as a reporter from the Scranton, Pa., she lost no time taking on a new passion. A regional director of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, she is now tracking the emerging news ecology from her website

Curation, editing and an experiment in co-operative local journalism

EDITOR'S NOTE -- Media Giraffe alum Tom Stites has been hard at work on the Banyan Project since we first featured him in 2006.  He describes the effort to pursue co-operative local journalism in this short essay, prompted by a discussion about the difference between "curation" and "editing."  His contact information is at the bottom

Reynolds Journalism fellow seeks information about local online news communities for profile work

Michele McLellan, a 2009-2010 fellow at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, has posted an extensive list of U.S. local online news community websites and is looking for additional examples. 

"We want to learn from them and see if RJI can help them flourish," says McLellan.  

Starting a "LONC" get's easier -- as resources emerge for legal, software help

During Journalism That Matters gatherings organized with the help of the Media Giraffe Project, entrepreneurs starting local online news communities (LONCs) often cite three fears in getting started:

McGill offers seven points of advice about citizen journalism

An early expert at training citizen journalists has authored "What I've Learned Teaching Citizen Journalists," an essay listing seven lessons learned. Doug McGill is a former New York Times reporter, foreign correspondent, university lecturer and Internet innovator. He also briefly headed the World Press Institute.

Valets and and media-literary training noted in Tufts graduate thesis as key components of journalism future

A Tufts University media-studies student proposes a new model of "pro-am" collaboration in graduation thesis completed in May. An international student from Singapore, Rachelle Goh enters Northwestern in the fall. In her paper, she says "information valets" and increased media literacy are important components of the new model.


What is "citizen journalism"? -- A 2006 CCTV documentary probes question

What is "citizen journalism?" A 12-minute documentary seeks answers

What is "citizen journalism?" A 12-minute web video, produced by volunteers at Cambridge Community Television, offers some possible answers through a series of interviews with practitioners and observers -- including several participants in MGP2006.  The volunteer team led by Amy Mertl spent more than a day June 30 at the Amherst summit doing interv

Vermont weekly provides thorough overview of "citizen journalism" debate, quoting Gillmor, iBrattleboro

Cathy Resmer, writing in Seven Days, the Vermont alternative weekly, has penned a good overview of the pros and cons of so-called "citizen journalism" -- including comments from Dan Gillmor and the iBrattleboro founders, Chris Grotke and Lise LePage. The piece includes a set of dos and don'ts from Grotke and LePage. ---- >
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