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<a href="">Congresspedia's Conor Kenny spearheading creating of

A big pre-election influx of visitors to the Congresspedia wiki website of national political profiles has promoted sponsors The Sunlight Foundation and the Center on Media & Democracy to ramp up the effort.

Political candidates increasingly resort to blogs, cell phones, podcasts and iPods to promote buzz

The increasing focus by political strategists on the use of blogs, podcasts and the online medium to reach voters -- in addition to the mainstay of television -- is covered in a Boston Herald story about the Massachusetts gubernatorial campaign involving Duvall Patrick and others. (DEAD LINK ALTERNATE) ---- >

AUDIO: Helen Thomas questions President Bush on why the U.S. went to war

On March 22, 2006, President Bush called on Hearst Newspapers columnist Helen Thomas (PROFILE) for the first time in a presidential news conference in more than three years. Listen to the question Thomas asked and how Bush responded: (Audio segment of White House News Conference, via DemocracyNow)

FAIR media watchdog group offers 20 stories over 20 years which it says made a difference

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) (PROFILE), the progressive media watchdog group, is marking its 20th anniversary with a series of special articles on its website. This week it posted a piece summarizing what authors Steve Rendall, Peter Hart and Julie Hollar figure are the "20 stories that made a difference for better or worse" since FAIR's founding.

Lobby Watch is latest effort of Center for Public Integrity

The non-profit Center for Public Integrity (CPI) has launched "Lobby Watch" a section of its website which covers breaking news and provides data analysis on what the group terms the revolving door between lobbying, Congress and federal agencies. The effort is headed by Alex Knott, a six-year CPI veteran who helped researched the bestselling book, "The Buying of the President, 2004." launches the "Izzy" to honor stand-up journalists

Media Channel.ORG has announced it will begin issuing an annual Truth in Media "Izzy" award to truth-seeking progressive journalist. The first such award was received Dec. 13, 2005, by Helen Thomas, columnist and former UPI White House correspondent. Other nominees? Seymour Hersh, Bill Moyers, Studs Terkel, Noam Chomsky, and a host of non-mainstream-media websites.
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