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Daily Kos founder critical of media in appearance at law-school alma mater

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas returned to his law-school alma mater on Oct. 17, 2007, to give a keynote address at a day-long seminar on new-media law and blogging. He was unabashedly political and gracefully critical of mainstream media.

MoveOn discloses email exchange with Tribune Co. CEO on cutbacks

MoveOn Media Action, a spinoff of the progressive political-action operation, made public Dec. 23 an email exchange with Tribune Co. CEO Dennis FitzSimons concerning layoffs by the newspaper and television media giant. In his comments, the Tribune CEO does not mention the company's operating margins or respond to calls to reduce them in order to step up investment in the news business.

Chicago-based media accountability group releasing study of late-night TV local news

Media Democracy Chicago Inc. (giraffe profile) is publishing in early October a study of late-night local news broadcasts in Chicago. It finds little political coverage, focused on scandal, giving the impression that politicians are corrupt and nothing good is happening.
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