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Navy electrician tired of closed government, starts St. Louis suburb news blog for 'advanced citizenship on the local level'

He was age 37, with a five-year-old daughter, four years of honorable Navy service as a fleet electrician, and a sense that he didn't want to spend the rest of his life installing cable and alarm systems. So Harold John Moyle started a blog for Overland, Missouri.

Austrian Thomas Marban creates news headline aggregation site; traffic growth shoots up in two months

Austrian Thomas Marban has created the grandaddy of all news aggregation websites. Called simply (Popular URLs), Marban's site is a single page which continuously pulls headlines from 19 other information aggregation sites -- including still and video pictures and audio. It's puts all the headlines on one page -- all hotlinked. The site went live in March 2006 and it's traffic is also exceeding most of the underlying aggregators.

Andrew Rappaport: Why does a venture capitalist back a non-profit foundation run by 20-somethings? Answer: the future of video

Veteran technology investor Andrew Rappaport says he donated money to a Massachusetts foundation that has developed a Web 2.0 browser for managing Internet video on the user desktop because that's how the young creators of the platform wanted it. But there's a longer story -- about the future of web video, and the challenges facing mainstream media. Rappaport explains in a 16-minute audio interview. ----- >

Worcester, Mass. school buddies create "Democracy Internet TV Platform" -- a video web browser; like Netscape in 1990s?

School buddies have created an open-source video web browser which provides point-and-click management of TV-style downloads just like Netscape introduced the graphical web in the mid-1990s.

University Channel's Donna Liu switches from soundbites to the rich context of full-length university events

As she likes to put it, Donna Liu spent 21 years of her life "chopping people down to sound bites" as a producer at CNN, the U.S. cable news network. Now she's taking a different approach -- putting U.S. university and college lectures on the Internet -- full length, video and audio.

John Boyer

Internet law expert at Harvard launches web site using editors to continuously judge "best of" web topics

Working with $200,000 in seed investment from a venture fund he helped found, a Harvard University expert on Internet law is launching a "best of" topical web site service. John G Palfrey Jr. speaks with Media Giraffe Project's Bill Densmore about Cambridge, Mass.-based in a downloadable MP3 interview conducted Jan. 6, 2006. The site is using about a dozen editors to continuously evaluate and link to what they regard as the 10 most useful website in a series of topical areas -- using RSS feeds to automatically update their daily contents. Palfrey is a clinical professor at Harvard Law School and director of its <a href=">Berkman Center for Internet & Society. DOWNLOAD MP3 AUDIO (8M, 17 mins.) / PROFILE /

PROFILE: Jonathan Rintels of the Center for Creative Voices

The Center for Creative Voices in Media, established by Jonathan Rintels in 2002, seeks to give a voice to independent voices, or those who are not a part of what Rintels calls �the concentrated and consolidated media.�

UK journalist cited for pioneering efforts to teach print reporters how to manage multimedia presention on the web

British journalist David Dunkley Gyimah has "singularly built a broadband magazine network" according to Jonathan Roberts, executive director of TV Producers Online in London. Gyimah's eight-day program converting print reporters ot multimedia journalists has been cited by J-Lab's Batten Awards at the University of Maryland.

AUDIO: WikiMedia founder Jimmy Wales discusses Seigenthaler incident in a Media Giraffe Project audio interview

It was the perfect situation to spotlight attention on the strength -- and perhaps weakness -- of WikiPedia . . . a free online encyclopedia with entires written by thousands of volunteers worldwide . . . and any user can change a page at will. John Seigenthaler, a former editorial-page editor of the mainstream print USA Today daily, riled by a biographical posting connecting Seigenthaler with a wildly improbable -- and untrue -- allegation. CLICK ON HEADLINE TO READ MORE.
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