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Retired journalists put $40K of own money into documenting the real changing story of America's best newspapers

Sara Brown & Paul SteinleWhen former UPI CEO Paul Steinle finished up a second career as an associate provost and journalism professor he wasn't ready to flat-out retire, and he was fascinated to understand hand the story of how America's best daily newspapers are changing.  So he and his wife -- a one-time human-resources officer for the Los Angeles Times -- left their home near Southern Oregon University, took $40,000 of thei

What are the information needs of communities? Knight Commission to report

What are the news and information needs of communities?

A two-year inquiry by a joint Aspen Institute-Knight Foundation study commission will issue its findings on the subject on Friday — and you can watch their report live and follow the Twitter stream via the hashtag #knightcomm.

Berkman research completes exhaustive study on state of media ecosystem

A year in the making, a researcher at the Berkman Center for the Internet & Society has completed an exhaustive study on the future of American news and social media. Persephone Miel talked to hundreds of people, and criss-crossed the nation to prepare what may be the most comprehensive look to date on the impact of digital technologies on how we get our news and civic information.

Valets and and media-literary training noted in Tufts graduate thesis as key components of journalism future

A Tufts University media-studies student proposes a new model of "pro-am" collaboration in graduation thesis completed in May. An international student from Singapore, Rachelle Goh enters Northwestern in the fall. In her paper, she says "information valets" and increased media literacy are important components of the new model.


Trade group says newspaper circulation is rising worldwide

The World Association of Newspapers released a report at a London analysts' briefing saying global newspaper circulation rise nearly 2 percent 2006, and free-paper circulation ballooned. The report was described by the group as an effort "to rectify some of the absurd and damanging claims" about the alleged decline of newspers.

Univ. of Wisconsin study find election coverage almost non-existent in Midwest TV markets

The Benton Foundation newswire, written by Editor Kevin Tagland, wraps up reports on a study of local TV news in Midwest markets, which found little prime time devoted to election coverage. "The failure of local television news to foster and encourage informed citizen participation in the political process is scandalous," commented Lawrence Hanson, of the Joyce Foundation, which funded the University of Wisconsin study. The National Association of Broadcasters said the study was flawed.

Broadcast industry assertions about flaws in "fake news" investigation are refutted by Center for Media & Democracy

The Madison, Wis.-based Center for Media & Democracy has fired back a salvo in a battle with the radio-TV industry over its so-called "fake news" investigation. CMD has issued what it terms a point-by-point rebuttal of Radio and Television News Directors (RTND) assertions. RTND wants the FCC to drop its investigation of video press-releases aired as if they are news without attribution. READ CMD STATEMENT.

Local citi-J websites claim staying power and most began because of perceived inadequacy of legacy media, preliminary Ford-funde

Local citizen-journalism sites claim staying power and most say they began because of a failure of legacy media to serve their community, according to findings of a $50,000 Ford Foundation-based study. Researchers say many local sites could be helped by micro-grants from local foundations.

Ex-Knight Ridder exec's report says U.S. newspapers face $20B revenue decline by 2010

In a $495-a-copy report written for the research firm Outsell, former Knight Ridder executive Ken Doctor predicts that the U.S. newspaper industry will find itself with an accumulated revenue decline of $20 billion by the year 2010, with circulation down nearly 20% from 2004 levels. Doctor writes: "�Print newspaper holdings may well survive only as part of more diversified media companies or in the hands of private or semi-private owners who are willing to take far less profit than has been the standard.�

Bivings report concludes U.S. newspaper publishers have decided to embrace the Internet rather than compete with it

The Bivings Report, a Washington, D.C.-based consultancy, published Aug. 1, 2006 a 28-page study on how newspaper managements are adapting to the Internet challenge. It concludes that newspaper publishers "have decided to embrace the Internet rather than attempt to compete with it." (DOWNLOAD PDF REPORT) or
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