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Assessing community information needs -- a toolkit and research

How do you assess the quality or health of a community information ecosystem? New research by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, conducted in support of a Knight Foundation initiative, begins to provide an answer.

Patterson to back collaboration platform, training to help local online news communities reach sustainability

This post has been updated with a correction (see end of item).

A collaboration platform help local online news communities, characterized by one researcher as entering their business "adolescence," will receive support from the Patterson Foundation and possibly the Knight Digital Media Center at the University of Southern California, news entrepreneurs have been told. 


LONCs -- local online news community entrepreneurs, move closer to formal collaboration after Chicago confab

Operators of the national's local online news communities (LONCs), gathered in Chicago Sept. 23-24 for a day and a half of informal discussions, are moving toward increasing collaboration to help with advertising, training and audience building.  "Block by Block: The Community News Summit," was organized by the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism, with other collaborators.

Czech hyperlocal experiment with coffee, community consulting said to be shuttered

PPF Media, a.s., a unit of the Czech Republic-based insurance and banking conglomerate, was pioneering a new form of "hyperlocal" journalism based on websites in small cities and large towns, supported by regional weeklies, and a national desk in Prague called Futuroom -- and coffee shops.  But is the idea being shuttered?

AUDIO: Laid-off Kenosha, Wis., reporter seeks advice on starting non-profit online news community

 Denise Lockwood is like thousands of U.S. daily newspaper reporters -- she fell victim to staff reductions. But she's not giving up reporting -- she's pursuing her passion online.

How Do You Create a Community?

On Poynter.org, Rich Gordon explores how to create online communities and promote "'hyperlocal citizens' media.'" With a team of graduate students, Gordon is trying different ways to encourage citizen journalism and to give communities a way to have local resources acessible on the internet.

Beyond Kiwanis: Internet builds new communities

Haya El Nasser of USA Today writes about the Cudney family, who use the internet to stay involved in their community, using email instead of phones and meetings to communicate quickly and efficiently. Nasser shows how differnt groups and people use new technology to build community--a contrast to the scenario proposed in Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone, with Americans "sitting passively alone in front of glowing screens" in their leisure time. The internet, Nasser shows us, is a brand new means by which we can reach the same end that we've been striving for for ages--a more connected, involved community. [ Visit Website ]
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