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Times to Offer Readers a View of Stories by Competing Papers

James Nash, of the Los Angeles Business Journal, writes that the L.A. Times will be offering a way for readers to view stories from rival papers like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal through a page called NewsPoint.

'New News' retrospective: Is online news reaching its potential?

A decade after digital news trailblazers discussed the Internet's promise as a cutting-edge news vehicle, only some of those forecasts have become reality. In the Online Journalism Review, Nora Paul talks about the limitations of online news sources, and breaks down the realities of what we see in online news stories--what we were promised, and what we've been given. [ Visit Website ]

'Online News Users Have to Pay'

Randal Scasny, in the Online Journalism Review, writes about the reluctance of readers to pay for news online. He says, "Change the product, give it more value and paid access will work." Scasny also points out that part of the reason readers don't want to pay is because of the way people "surf the net," skimming the surface of all the information, rather than diving deeply into certain stories.
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