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Newspaper editors, publishers worry about future at APME annual meeting; Porter: Take risks

Ex-newspaper editor Tim Porter had advice at the annual Associated Press Managing Editors meeting this week -- take risks. One editor characterized newspapers as the "last collective effort for democracy" which needs to survive in the fact of emerging local blog competition.

Ex-LA Times editor not sure corporate profit requirements and quality journalism are sustainable partners

In the "Water Cooler" column on the Columbia Journalism Review site, there's a short Q-and-A with John Carroll, the 63-year-old "retiring" editor of the Los Angeles Times. In it, the widely respected Carroll says the jury is out on whether non-family controlled newspapers can sustain both quality journalism and the profit requirements of their "pact" with Wall Street. After visiting the CJR site, also read ex-LAT scribe Jonathan Weber's rejoinder.

Strip-mining our newspapers to death

On his blog, Reflections of a Newsosaur, Alan Mutter looks at fellow blogger Jay Rosen's (Press Think) idea that newspapers are, instead of looking into new to media to reach new readers, slowly killing themselves by prizing "'short-term profits over the long-term health of their enterprises.'"

Engaging young adults: another approach

On PoynterOnline, Rich Gordon writes about the future of newspapers--in an effort to try to reach readers of a younger generation, the Daily Herald of suburban Chicago had launched a site called "Beep" with blogs from young reporters giving the news as well as links to other Chicago blogs.

Yahoo! editor slams mainstream news

Jemima Kiss writes in Online Journalism News that Simon Hinde of Yahoo! argues that print newspapers no longer serve the interests of the public and younger generations, who turn to the internet for their news. Hinde says "'People don't want Google, Murdoch or any other hegemony - they want democratic, participatory, varied news.'"
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