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Reclaim the Media, the Seattle-based advocacy group, is working on a regional content-sharing network for low-power and community radio stations in the Pacific Northwest. Jonathan Lawson, the group�s founder-director, talked about the effort at the Action Coalition for Media Education biennial summit in Burlington, Vt., today. He says one of the best accounts of a recent conference on the effort was carried not on mainstream media but on a blog. The proposal, in a collaboration with Pacifica's Audioport service, is now in development.

Legal wrangling continues over whether Radio Free Brattleboro (Vt.) will return to the air

After seizing its broadcast equipment in a studio raid on June 22, 2005, the FCC and radio free brattleboro are wrangling in federal court over whether the "licensed-by-the-community" low-power FM station will be back on the air, The AP reports in a dispatch carried in the Rutland (Vt.) Herald.

Community radio set for July Internet launch

Denise Oshodi writes, on, about the launch of a new internet radio station called RadioBoise. The station will begin by broadcasting underplayed music, but will hopefully become an outlet for community voices. "'It's really important to hear every voice, whether it's from the right or left . . . The more tightly controlled the media is . . . the easier it is to stifle voices of dissent,'" says Andy Shrader, who helps with marketing the project.

San Francisco radio station to begin airing podcasts

On PoynterOnline, Vin Crosbie reports that Infinity Broadcasting's KYCY-AM plans on broadcasting listeners' podcasts on the radio beginnning May 16. This is another way that media can encourage citizen journalism, since listeners can upload their own material onto the radio station's website to be selected and broadcasted.
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