Podcasting & Audio

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Some 80% of students have device capable of playing downloaded audio files

Lydia Lum, writing for the webside, Diverse Online, summarizes the status of podcasting usage in the classroom, saying that 80 percent of the nation's college students have one or more device capable of downloading and playing audio. ---- >

Get Ready for Podcasting

Wade Roush, on TechnonogyReview.com, writes about podcasting--the new technology for bloggers and other internet users that makes audio files available for listening, either on iPods (where the name podcasting comes from) or other audio players.

AUDIO: Four editors discuss future of newspapers; danger of controlling pipes and content

In December, four editors spent a half hour on a San Francisco public radio station discussing the future of newspapers and how they are economically challenged by the Internet. Also, one journalists warns of grave danger if cable companies are allowed to discriminate over what travels on their "pipes."DOWNLOAD MP3 HERE.
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