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Five More Giraffe Profiles Posted

More new giraffe profiles are up---these are from student researchers at the University of Massachusetts.  The new profiles are:  Lisa Williams, Brian Storm, Angie Bado, Liane Brandon, and Jim Van Nostrand.

See below for the new profiles from their counterpoint at the University of Missouri. 





New Giraffe Profiles Up

This past semester, students from the journalism school at the University of Missouri have been working on profiles for the Media Giraffe Project.  New profiles that went up this week are:  Andy Hall, Steve Dorsey, Brad Flora, Avi Adelman, Erik Sundelof, Jim Spencer, Rachel Sterne, Mike Fricano, Dan Ruiter, and updates on Jimmy Wales and Margaret Freivogel.


New giraffe profile: David Mastio

I just finished and posted a new profile, this one on David Mastio of  It includes an audio of my recent phone interview with him, along with links for more information.  Mastio is trying to create versions of Technorati for local newspapers, and talks about the frustrations and occasional successes of this endeavor.

New giraffe profile: Denise Lockwood starts up "Know More"

We've put up a new giraffe profile:  Denise Lockwood who started a local Wisconsin news site called Know More.  She recast her career to go independent and online after being laid off of her newspaper job.  You can click below to listen to her talk about the site with Bill Densmore and Matt Thompson when it was in its planning stage in 2008.  And view her profile to read more, including written excerpts of the interview and links.


New giraffe profiles: Erik Sundelof and Jim Spencer

We've put up two new giraffe profiles--you can click on their names to reach the full profile.  Erik Sundelof (pictured here) is the founder of  It's a site that gives people tools to share content from their cell phones to the web--with it, he's trying to remove an economic barrier to citizen reporting, opening it up to more parts of the world.  Also with a global perspective, Jim Spencer is the founder of, a site that aggregates short news videos---trying to give people a filter and diverse, global viewpoints.

New giraffe profile: Tracy Van Slyke of The Media Consortium

We've put up a new media giraffe profile, this one of Tracy Van Slyke.  She runs the daily operations of The Media Consortium, a group of progressive media outlets that includes Mother Jones, the Nation, and Air America.  From her profile, you can read about how The Media Consortium started, listen to a ten-minute MGP interview, and look over the Read More section.

New giraffe profile up

We just put up a new giraffe profile for Justin Carder. Justin does the Capital Hill Seattle Blog, and is also working to start a new hosting platform for blogs like his (details on that are found in the "Read More" section at the end of his profile). For the profile, we relied on information from Jane Steven's journalism blog, Rejurno. She tracks new solutions for journalism and has been doing case studies on online news sites. You can check that out here.

AUDIO/VIDEO: NYU's Marcia Rock interviews George Clooney about "Good Night, Good Luck"

On Dec. 15, 2006, journalism Prof. Marcia Rock at New York University hosted an hour-long discussion on the Academy Award-nominated film on Edward R. Murrow, Good Night and Good Luck, with director, writer, and actor George Clooney, producer and co-writer Grant Heslov and the actor playing Murrow, David Strathairn. The discussion is available as a 55-minute VIDEO STREAM or a 25MB MP3 download. NYU journalism graduate Nicole Lyn Pesce's website also reviews Clooney's visit.

NYU journalism students building profile database of online journalism notables

Students of Patrick Phillips at New York University's journalism school are developing a set of profiles of online journalism notables, including Kurt Andersen, Bill Grueskin, Jiim Romanesko, Craig Newmark, Jacob Weisberg, James Taranto and Lockhart Steele.

Knight-Batten innovation awards spotlight use of media to help people connect and solve problems

Highlighting innovation which helps people use media to solve problems, improve their lives, connect with others and become active citizens is the goal of the re-named Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism, administered by J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism at the University of Maryland. Prizes ranging from $10,000 to $1,000 are awarded annually and are funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.
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