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Gannett, NYT moves in Detroit, Boston reviewed by antitrust enforcers

Gannett Co. planned to acquire Hometown Communications, Inc. which competitors say could lead to diminished competition in the suburban markets of Detroit and Cincinnati. The New York Times invested in its local newspaper rival, Metro Boston. The Boston Herald complained that this type of action would hurt readers and advertisers alike in the Boston area, as well as violate a legal standard used to measure market consolidation. The plans by both newspapers were under investigation by federal anti-trust enforcers. (Originally reported by the Wall Street Journal's John R. Wilke and James Bandler on Jan. 24, 2005)

NPR examines pros-cons of cable-TV ownership in Lawrence, Kan.

National Public Radio has completed a two-part multimedia package on The World Co. in Lawrence, Kan., a three-generation, family-owned media empire which is quite unique in owning both the 20,000-circulation college-town daily as well as the cable-TV franchise. Go directly to the NPR story or read a Giraffe Blog synopsis:

Sanders: Media conglomeration can't be ignored by Congress

U.S. Rep. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., says in an op-ed piece in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Americans should be worried about the fact they get virtually all of their information from large media conglomerates. Sanders says Congress can no longer ignore the issue. The paper which published his piece, by the way, is owned by Knight Ridder Inc., the nation's No. 2 newspaper chain.

Feingold on concentration in music, radio, promotion industries

A U.S. senator from Wisconsin provides details of radio-station ownership concentrate which reaches over 80 percent of selected markets, he says, including New York, Chicago and Wisconsin. What does this mean for artists?
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