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Advertisers pay viewers to watch and rate commercials

Journalist Suzanne Vranica examines advertisers latest strategy to improve television commercials so their commerials won't be "TiVo'ed". Companies such as Subway Restaurants are paying viewers to watch and rate their ads. Incentives can range from $100 in cash to coupons and prizes.

About face

The NPR show On the Media's Brooke Gladstone speaks with Paul Maidment about internet advertising. They discuss the various ways that newspapers, advertisers and readers can exchange information and money using the new medium of the internet, and how it will change the way that advertising operates. [ VIsit Website ]

Publishers sue Gator over web pop-up tactics

Increasingly intrusive online advertising is at issue in a lawsuit filed by major newspaper publishers against Gator, which offers consumers free software and, in exchange, displays ads on the screens of their computers -- on top of the websites they are viewing. (Leslie Walker / The Washington Post)
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