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Markos Moulitas speaks at Boston Univ.


Markosmoulitsash Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas speaks on Friday, Oct.

Michael Oreskes on the danger of journalistic suicide


Journalists are in danger of committing professional suicide if they abandon core values in an effort to keep from dying, the executive editor of the International Herald Tribune has told a Toronto convention. Michael Oreskes was keynote speaker on Fri., Oct. 19, at the annual meeting of the Online News Association, which drew about 550 journalists.

Sorting out the ethical issues for blogging


Blogethicsmoorregan101807 Two key members of the Online News Associa

Steve Clift explains how eDemocracy got started


Steve Clift explains his website -- citizen-to-citizen civic engagement -- in this Oct. 18, 2007, MGP interview conducted at the Online News Association convention in Toronto.

DOWNLOAD MP3 PODCAST:  (8 minutes)

MGP-2006: Morphing From Music: iPods Enter The Classroom


Part of the Media Giraffe Project's 2006 Conference in Amherst, MA

"The how's and why's of sending downloadable audio files over the Internet -- how is this being adopted by educators? How can an Internet news operation serve the need for classroom-ready podcasting material?"

Listen to audio here:

Seth Kershner interviews Dahr Jamail


On May 1, 2006, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts junior Seth Kershner conducted this phone interview for the Media Giraffe Project with "unembedded journalist" Dahl Jamail. (10.9 MB / 23 minutes).

Click on the carat on the bar below to launch an audio stream, or download the MP3 podcast.'s Thad Anderson interviewed


Media Giraffe Project undergraduate editorial intern Seth Kerschner interviewed, Thad Anderson, the founder of the blog by phone on April 3, 2006.

Click on the carat at the beginning of the bar below to launch the streaming audio, or download the MP3 podcast. (38 mins., 17.7MB)

C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb interview by MGP's Lena Consolini


Media Giraffe Project writing intern Lena Consolini interviewed C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb in March, 2006, in this 20-minute phone discussion.  Click on the carat to the left of the bar below to stream audio, or DOWNLOAD MP3 AUDIO.   / READ FULL MGP PROFILE OF BRIAN LAMB.

FreeSpeechTV's Jon Stout interviewed by MGP


Media Giraffe Project undergraduate editorial intern Kristine Freire interviewed FreeSpeechTV founder Jon Stout on Nov. 17, 2005 by telephone. Click on the carat on the bar below to launch the stream.  (18.54MB, 18 mins.), or download the MP3 podcast.

Mark Sommer and the Mainstream Media Project


Mark Sommer's Mainstream Media Project, based in Aracata, Calif., uses radio, webstreams and podcasts to bring the voices of experts on world issues to wider audiences. Read the Media Giraffe Project profile of Sommer, updated in November, 2007 by MGP researcher Matthew Ray Alvey, or listen to the 29-minute streaming audio interview, conducted Aug. 3, 2005 by MGP researcher Alison Davies.

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