Encryption & Copyright

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The Copyright preserve: And why Mickey is worried

Stanford law professor Larry Lessig and other academics are squaring off against Hollywood, according to Village Voice writer Sarah Lai Stirland, for its efforts to extend copyright protections. Their proposed solution: The "intellectual-property preserve."

BACKGROUND: Harry Fox bulk license of music for Internet delivery

The Harry Fox Agency, Inc., is the licensing agent of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA). In November, 2001, NMPA and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) decided they would jointly provide "bulk licenses" for streaming music and downloading copyright music on the Internet. Read the news release here.

"Rights Management Dictionary" -- will it ever happen?

For several years, the International DOI Foundation has been working with book and with music publishers to come up with the equivalent of a universal product code for every work of art in digital form. Success is a slow process.

Copyright madness: Illegal to read Alice in Wonderland aloud?

How far will publishers go to stop personal use of digital works of all kinds? Brewster Kahle says the license for the eBook for "Alice in Wonderland" says it can't be read aloud. That's why Kahl, an Internet pioneer, is pushing his Internet Archive project. Read an interview with Kahl about the archive, or go directly to the Seattle Times website for Paul Andrews' story

Lawmaker: Let studios hack P2P networks; are they already?

U.S. Rep. Howard Berman, a California Democrat whose district includes Hollywood, says he'll introduce a bill to shield copyright owners from legal liability if they hack P2P and filing-sharing services -- short of spreading viruses. But wait -- they may be doing so already, according to an account in the San Jose Mercury News.

LINKS: Music Industry News Network copyright links

The Music Industry News Network provides updated links to source material on emerging trends and news in copyright law and the online world.

Competitors worried about MSFT "Palladium" chip security bid

MICROSOFT'S PALLADIUM SECURITY system has sparked concern among some of the company's competitors in the operating system market, as well as with consumer and digital-rights advocates, but lawyers and security companies are less troubled, writes InfoWorld's Sam Costello.

Was web stream royalty rate designed to squelch competition?

In a news release, a Chicago-based publication touts a story it has quoting Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, founder of a company sold to Yahoo, as saying the seven-hundreds-of-a-cent royalty rate on web-stream music ordered by the government originated from a contract he wrote with the intention of squelching small-time online radio stations.

Consumer suit challenges legality of CD encryption

The five labels term "frivolous" a lawsuit filed under California consumer-protection statues claiming that encrypted CDs are "defective."
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